Tonight is a NEW MOON and the perfect time to set new intentions to manifest. However, the world of personal development for seekers of spirituality can be a confusing realm to navigate at the best of times.

With my work teaching thousands upon thousands of people around the world to manifest and embody spiritual principles, I still find there are very common misconceptions about what manifesting is and is not.

Here are 11 Myths of Manifestation…

1. You must avoid negativity


Way too many “spiritual” people are a little frightened of the impact that someone’s negativity will have on them. Negativity is an opportunity to show compassion and to show up and be of service energetically. When you make something wrong, you BECOME the energy of what you are rejecting.

2. You must obsess, fixate and focus


You’ll see people teaching the importance of focus to the point of obsession that actually sabotages the flow of energy and creates resistance. The best thing you can do in order to manifest and tune into the flow of limitless possibilities is to distract yourself and cultivate various different interests so that your happiness isn’t reliant on THAT ONE THING showing up.

3. Abundance is all about money and things


You might have images of “stuff” on a vision board and you’re skipping the part where life is moreso about contribution, love and meaning and less about “things” and external stimuli that makes you happy. Remember you get to define abundance ON YOUR OWN TERMS. If abundance to you is growing an organic vegie garden, then tune into that energy. Manifesting is about feeling the energy and embodying the energy of what we desire to BE as we sculpt our external reality around us. It starts within.

4. Depression means you are broken


Depression means you are riding out a specific season in your life that will pass when you feel it is time. Seek joy and love, no matter how small or tiny. Take one day at a time. Be gentle on yourself and remember that if you don’t feel inspired it doesn’t mean you are screwed up for the rest of your life. The more you don’t allow your feelings to flow, the more likely you will stay in your current season of discontent. Be gentle, be gentle, be gentle. 

5. The destination will make you happy


Err, wrong. Nope. Remember, manifesting and being committed to your spiritual path is all about the JOURNEY, not the destination. The lessons that show up, the setbacks, the trials, and the tribulations are all part of the Divine plan.

6. Manifesting is difficult and hard


Manifesting is easy and effortless. The difficult part is releasing the resistance we have around the specific experiences and desires we wish to bring to life. Just take heart in the fact you are ALWAYS manifesting. Each breath you take is a manifestation – a beautiful one.

7. Your thoughts create things


Newsflash! Your thoughts, actions AND feelings combined all create your own reality. It’s not all about that monkey mind you’ve got going on. Your vibe speaks volumes louder than your thoughts ever can.

8. “The Secret” has all the answers


“Think positively and your desires will manifest” is a crock-a-doodle-doo. The Secret was an awesome introductory experience to manifesting and The Law of Attraction, but it severely skimmed the surface. I have mad respect for Rhonda Byrne and how she delivered the message of metaphysics to the masses, but it neglected to explore the core essence of manifesting – YOUR VIBRATION. The Law of Vibration is much more important to understand than the Law of Attraction.

9. Meditation is about emptying your mind


If you can make your thoughts stop entirely then you’re super-human, enlightened or perhaps related to the Lizard People or “tall grays” that walk the earth when we’re not looking. The point of meditation is to surrender. Once you witness your thoughts, you have the opportunity to surrender to a deeper level. Your thoughts give you the opportunity to cultivate conscious awareness. If you weren’t supposed to have thoughts you would have chosen to come into this lifetime as a goldfish or perhaps a block of tofu. One thing is for sure, meditation can help you manifesting which is why I offer a complete library of “meditations for manifesting’ in The Manifesting Academy. 

10. Millionaires are happy


Some of the most miserable shits that grace the nation are rolling in the megabucks. Money doesn’t bring you happiness if you can’t match it with consciousness. Abundance is about BEING the essence of freedom. 

11. You have total control of your destiny


You’re working with the power of God, The Universe, the Source, the force to carve out a plan for your ultimate conscious expansion where you’re here on earth. The best idea is to let go of the need to control and hand the manifestations over to The Universe to work with your sacred plan.

Remember: Everything always unfolds in perfect Divine timing.

With Love,


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