Introducing: The Manifesting Spotlight – case studies and stories of hope, creative energy and manifestation inspiration. 

The process of manifestation isn’t about making “stuff” appear from thin air. It’s not about being on your best energetic behaviour and expecting that everything will effortlessly materialize without soul growth or some kind of effort. This is why FEELINGS are so important to discern in every area of your life. It’s also important to surround yourself with stories that uplift and inspire you (like this one).

Mastering the art of manifestation is all about learning how to navigate uncertainty and not fuel it with drama and other mind-based bull-sheeto that doesn’t serve you.

It’s about choosing the high road, taking the path of lease resistance and buckling up for a wild ride to seek the light no matter what you are being presented with.

One of the most important things to remember is how your flow of presence and connection to the Universe directly affects the results you see manifest into your current reality.


Emma* (not her real name), one of my manifesting students, could not let go of the fact her ex-husband owed her over $10,000 in child support payments. I’m sure many of you out there (unfortunately) can relate to this! Her days were spent obsessing over the wrongness of not being paid what she felt was owed to her.

Emma would check her ex’s Facebook page several times per day to see what he was doing and she would feel filled with anger and sometimes rage every time she would see him travel to a new location because she knew it was money that could have been spent on paying the debt he owed to her. This was especially tough since kids can be so expensive! This fixation prevented Emma from being present in her own life, perhaps finding love again and it drained quality time with her children while they were still little. Apparently, this was energy she carried for over 3 years – 3 years she can’t get back again.

I worked with Emma to turn her energy towards meditation and connecting to the Universe. I told her that even though it would feel crazy at first, to start feeling grateful for her ex-husband and the children they created together – and that the Universe had blessed them with these children for a Divine purpose.

Can you guess what happened next?

Within two weeks Emma received a check for TWICE the amount ($20,000) she believed that she was owed.

She didn’t hassle him or send any demands like she had tried over and over again. She merely surrendered and let go of the energy that she identified was harming her as the result of holding resentment. I’ve witnessed this type of miracle happen time and time again where, when you surrender to the process of holding a grudge or take a really mind-based approach to manifesting you then remember that the Universe is the most free-flowing stream of consciousness that can carry your desires into your reality with astounding accuracy.

Your job is to remember to work WITH this power and not create the resistance that flows against it.

Now, please be mindful that approach was just one thing that helped Emma, it may not work so fast for everyone. It’s important to be realistic, and yet it’s even more important to release expectations and spend your energy wisely. I’ve been in Emma’s shoes on many different levels.
I could share literally thousands of stories just like Emma’s, so please watch out for the next Manifesting Spotlight. xo

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