In the busy humdrum of everyday life, it’s really easy to forget that you are an energetic being. In fact, everything is energy. From cabbages to crystals, everything has a signature frequency that is sending a message to the Universe to deliver the perception of their life experience.

Everything that exists has a specific encapsulation of consciousness.

I’ve often spoken about the most powerful ways to imprint your subconscious mind for manifestations (like my Ancient Manifesting Ritual) or how you can connect with the field of infinite potential to request your desires (from The Universe).

However, it’s important to remember this:

You ARE the field of infinite potential.

You ARE the Universe.

The universal life-force of energy is flowing through each and every individual to contribute to the collective beauty and potency of this planet.

It might seem as if humans are divided and at war with one another. But if you truly take a moment to breathe, to meditate, and to remember and to see the bigger picture at play you will see that you are a being of LOVE, of compassion, of potential and you are a field of that potential energy.

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