The personal development and self-help space (myself included) is always talking about the power of gratitude and appreciation. It really does work to activate magic in your life.

The way it usually works is that you make your daily lists, in the morning and night, and watch what happens. Right?


Sometimes it’s a stretch to think of things to feel grateful for if you do it every day.

I’m grateful for my kids, my health, my husband, my job, my pets etc. And the list goes on.

Blah, blah, blah. There’s no point in counting your blessings if you can’t truly connect with them.

So here’s my question for you…

How much do you actually FEEL it if you do this process just because you “think” it will activate magic in your life?

Here’s what I want to tell you…

If it doesn’t make you feel inspired then don’t do it. It’s actually better not to do it, than to force the feeling. It creates energetic resistance and actually has the opposite effect.

Instead, try something I call MICRO-GRATITUDE. It’s just the same as regular gratitude, but tiny and powerfully subtle.

It actually takes you to the core energy of appreciation – the magic of the present moment.

It also helps when you find it tricky to think of things to be grateful for.

For instance, this is micro-gratitude:

  • I am grateful for this moment
  • I am grateful for the next breath I take
  • I am grateful to feel my feet on the floor
  • I am grateful for my heartbeat

Peel it back to basics and watch what happens. FEEL IT.

Feel grateful for this moment and tune into that power.

And then, once you have done this for a while you can uplevel to gratitude statements when you can truly immerse yourself in the FEELING over and over again. It’s a training process.

And then (if you want to get really fancy), you can try gratitude lists that include things or events that haven’t happened yet. This way, you send a very clear signal to the Universe that you are energetically ready for your dreams to manifest.

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