Quit Hiding Your Magic. The World Is Ready For You

A message from The Universe when you need to remember to quit hiding your magic. After all, the world is ready for you!

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Dear (Insert Your Name Here)

Who you are right now is so beautiful, capable, worthy and ready to start manifesting your dreams. You might think that you are not enough, not good enough, not worthy enough, and too afraid to pursue your dreams, but it’s FALSE. You ARE ready! And what you have to offer the world will change lives. There is only one version of you and it’s doing the world a disservice to hide in the shadows and not step into your own magnificence.

So here’s my question for you…

What would have to happen for you to stop hiding your magic and remember that you are powerful?

It’s time to take inspired action.

With Eternal, Unconditional Love and Support,

The Universe xo

ps. You’ve got this!

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