Right now as I’m writing this article, there is a guy on my street pacing up and down on a phone-call and being really loud. He sounds agitated about the state of the stock market and the fact he was unable to buy bottled water at the supermarket due to the shelves being empty.

The world appears to be in panic mode. 

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a reality sweeping through our lives and changing how we do things and what we’re focusing on.

There are discrepancies in the numbers related to the illness, hidden media agendas, probably a whole bunch of politics that we don’t understand, and a mad frenzy of stockpiling “bog roll” (this is Australian for “toilet paper”).

Fear is manifesting because people feel out of control. 

What is it that it takes a pandemic to point out that we’re never really in control anyway? 

The uncertainty is scary. I’ve felt it too. One of my core missions with my work is to teach people how to get comfortable with uncertainty. That’s why I decided to write this article – to share some of the key ways we can maintain our sanity in a time where our scarcity mindsets want to run to the nearest supermarket and only think of ourselves.

There are powerful methods you can use that will help to steady your energy during this time – especially when you are unable to leave the house.  These are my top 5.

1. Be Smart With Your Health

Wash your hands for 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer. Use this time to say an affirmation that will connect you to your body and strengthening your immune system. Something like this:

“I am grateful for my strong immune system. I embrace love and rise above fear.”

The reality is that the virus is looking for places to latch onto, which is why it’s so important to be mindful of what you are eating, drinking and TOUCHING. If it will weaken you then don’t consume it. You must build strength during this time – eat your veggies, get good sleep, exercise, drink water, and take your vitamins.

Be the best version of a germaphobe you can be to not only protect your family, but other people that might be vulnerable in your community like my Dad, Tony Prout. He’s 73 and has COPD – a progressive lung disease that will likely take him out of the game if he gets a virus like this. It might not, but it is a risk. My point? Say it don’t spray it and wash your hands diligently. Be mindful, always. 

This is a time to be more mindful about the foods you are putting into your body. Your immune system must be nouished in order to stay strong. 

1.5 Also, be mindful of what you say around your children.

Educate them to be responsible with their hygiene, but don’t motivate them by saying anything scary. The truth is that they should be doing this kind of thing (like washing their hands) anyway. Before bed one night my 5-year-old daughter (Lulu Dawn) said to me: “Do I have the Coronavirus, Mummy?” She sounded scared and we just reinforced that she is safe, healthy and loved. Whatever you do, don’t let your fear spill out onto your kids. 

2. Question Everything With An Open Mind

Be objective when you read an article and don’t just believe everything you read. Question the source and the motive. One piece of misinformation could place so many people into a state of fear-based stress. The media is extremely irresponsible at the best and worst of times. If you do share an article make sure that it’s not fear mongering. We need to be responsible with the information that we circulation. Are you sharing hope or are you sharing more fear? 

Also, remember to take breaks from scrolling through the latest updates. 

3. Process Your Emotions As They Come Up

You might feel scared and that’s okay. Bring your attention back to the present moment. Meditate, sit in the sunshine, write, draw, call a friend – do anything that will help to lift your spirits. 

I recorded a podcast episode to help you to navigate the fear. Breathe it through. You will be okay.

PODCAST: Find Your Point Of Peace and Rise Above Fearful Thoughts

Also, here’s a FREE Meditation I recorded for your called The Resilient Soul Meditation. 

4. We Are All In This Together

Remember that we are all in this together and we must remember to be kind and compassionate. Events have been cancelled, borders to countries have been closed, we’re told not to hug or to shake hands. Society is already isolated enough without us all having to stay in our homes. This is where the true magic of the internet can be activated. Join online Facebook groups like Journey to Manifesting, or create your own Whatsapp group to stay connected to people is what will get us through this time. You might also want to join my essential oils wellness group too called The SPROUT Collective. Make sure you reach out to others and ask them how they are doing.

5. See The Opportunity

Yes, you will be at home more during this time but it’s a fabulous opportunity to read more, play more board games with your kids and cook fresh food in your kitchen. See this cocooning time as an opportunity to reflect on your life. I’m sure there is a blessing in here somewhere. I’m also sure that many creative ideas and visions will be birth during this time.

As humans we WILL get though this. Be brave, be mindful, and hold compassion in your hearts. 

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