Magical Power Questions to Transform Your Energy

We all need a spiritual toolbox, a reference point of handy coping mechanisms to navigate our way through life. The reality is that we never truly know what curveballs that the Universe will throw in our direction in order for our souls to grow and our consciousness to expand.

Here are 11 Magical Questions to Ask Yourself when in any situation that could be helpful in making things seem less dramatic, less important and leave you with a sense of calm, control and above all.. a beautiful new perspective to play with as you move through life.

All of these questions will hopefully allow you to stand back and witness how you are in complete control of your energy management in any given moment. If you devote yourself to self-loving actions (like asking yourself these questions in tricky situations) then you open yourself up to a whole new world of unlimited possibilities.

1. What would have to happen to activate my heart energy right now?

By allowing yourself to be still and focus in on your heart energy, you allow for a more serenity to flow into your present moment experience.

2. How can I cultivate compassion?

Step into the other person’s shoes and see how you would feel from their perspective. This is the best way to cultivate compassion.

3. How can I manage my energy better in this moment?

Your body will usually give you warning signs when it’s time to manage your energy a little better. You might feel it as a pang in your stomach, weakness in your knees or your heart might start to race. In each moment you have a choice how you react.

4. Can this be resolved right now? Truthfully?

Too often we want instant gratification, closure and resolution. Allow yourself to let go of the need to be a “people pleaser” and make everything right again before the dust has been allowed to settle. Conflict resolution is about being patient. Slow and steady wins the race. 

5. How can I rise above this?

Whatever the situation is, just remember that it’s a choice as to how you view your experience. Instead of seeing the glass as half full, or half empty, see the glass as beautiful.

6. Am I willing to see the Divine plan behind the situation?

Stand back and see that everything happens in divine timing.

7. Am I willing to trust this moment?

When we let go of our need to control situations that unfold in our lives, then we allow the beautiful space for trust to lead the way. Remember, the Universe always has your back.

8. Is this worth my time?

Ask yourself if being reactive and involved in any “drama” is actually a productive use of your precious time. Usually, it’s not.

9. How can I give more in this moment?

Being of service to others is how the beauty of humanity shines through. Ask yourself what you can GIVE, much more that you would ever expect to GET. Giving without expectation is the only way to conduct yourself.

10. Am I able to see the situation from another perspective?

In a similar way to cultivating compassion, you need to be empathetic to what the other person in your situation might be experiencing. When you can see beyond just yourself, you see so much more in order to facilitate harmony.

11. Would this matter if I were on my death bed?

We forget that we are all going to transition one day. By asking yourself if what you are reacting to is something that would outrage you on your death bed, you gain beautiful perspective that life is too short to be concerned by trivial matters.

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