Be The Energy Of What You Desire When You’re Stuck Indoors

Ever wonder what it actually takes in order to manifest your desires? Ever wonder what happens on an energetic level, on the level of vibrational frequency, that allows some people to reach their dreams super fast? Ever wonder why you feel stuck? Or why your dreams feel really, really, really far away from appearing in your reality?

Here’s the truth…

It’s important to BE the energy of what you desire.

UPDATE: This post was written before the global Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, but I added in many important elements that help to support you when you are stuck indoors, in lockdown or in self-quarantine. Here’s a podcast episode I recorded on this subject too:

When you’re stuck indoors and you feel as if you’re trapped in the monotony of daily life then it’s imperative that if you can’t go outside that you turn INWARD. This isn’t time to hang up your fancy manifesting shoes. If anything it’s time to start DANCING in them. So here’s how to Be The Energy Of What You Desire (When You’re Stuck Indoors)…

You must become ONE with the thing, person, place or experience that you intend to manifest. However, this might seem overly simplified but people tend to skip the most important element when it comes with communing with their desires. It’s all about FEELING. Feelings are free and require no adventuring out into the world to experience.

Remember that this manifesting adventure is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. When we unravel these juicy multi-petaled layers of awareness then we can begin to play and transform as we learn.

The first thing to understand is this…

The Universe cannot tell the difference between what has already manifested on the physical realm as opposed to what has manifested in the ethereal realm first. Everything is created in the non-physical first. Then it’s released from the magical holding space. The fastest way to release it is to let go of resistance and raise your vibration.

So the first thing to do is to stop and ask yourself how you want to feel? I can assure you that you can feel the same with a million dollars in your bank account as you do with one dollar. There is no energetic difference. You can feel the same before you move into the dream home or manifest the soulmate.

The important thing to always do is activate JOY and remember you are a resilient soul.

Speaking of which, you might like to download my free meditation called Resilient Soul. Click here to download.

Find things that you love doing so you can get out of your head and into your heart. You also need to activate inspiration. What would this look like to you?

If you want to manifest abundance then FEEL abundant. Visualize in your mind a certain number in your back account or a thriving vegetable garden.

When we use our imaginations to conjure up images and thoughts of what we would love to manifest we need to HOLD THE FEELING. This activates the joy and the inspiration and fuels the vibe-fire to close the gap between intention and manifestation.

And then…

When you picture yourself in your dream home when you picture yourself waking up next to your soul mate when you picture yourself immersed in the beauty of nature you can HOLD THE FEELING.

It’s also tremendously helpful to surround yourself with like-minded people that can support you on your journey and not poo on your parade.

BE wealthy
BE inspired
BE the change you wish to manifest in your life

And FEEL it all. Get out of this head-based maze of doubt, second-guessing, and self-sabotage and feel into each moment. That’s where you’ll find the most magic detonates a glitter bomb of wonder in your heart and in your life – no matter where you are right now in the world.

Wishing You Vibrant Health and Abundance,

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