The number #1 question I get asked from my fans and followers on Instagram and Facebook is this:

“How do I begin to manifest my intentions and where do I begin and start my journey?”

This article outlines 7 Instant Ways To Manifest Your Intentions.

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1. Get clear about what you really want to create

The magic of the Universe always begins to respond to your requests the very instant that you spark clarity about what you want to attract and why you want to attract it. The key point is to set aside time to list out all of the things you want to feel, experience, and manifest. The more specific and detailed you can be with this process the better.

2. Visualize your desired outcome

The field of infinite potential is always there in your mind’s eye for you to play with and have some fun. As an example, if you want to manifest your dream home, visualize what it will feel like to come home to your kitchen. Imagine the textures, fragrances, vibe and overall mood of your future environment. As soon as you do this the Universe begins to bring the magic. If you can’t see it then the Universe doesn’t know where to deliver it. However, if you can then your possibilities are limitless.

3. Allow space to process your emotions

Emotions and feelings are the code that the Universe is responding to in order to construct the fabric of your reality. As a human being, you will have crappy days and events that unfold that test your faith and patience. The key point to remember is to allow space to have negative emotions be released and processed with compassion so you can create a clear foundation for something amazing to manifest. I talk a lot about this in my book called Dear Universe.

4. Try as many different rituals and methods as possible

I have been a transformation coach and manifesting teacher for over a decade. What I have loved to see is that different people respond to different ways and methods to connect to the Universe with their intentions. This is part of the reason I created my 21-Day Manifesting Challenge to share with you some of the most powerful and effective spiritual approaches to manifestation that you probably haven’t tried yet. If you know me, then you know I only share things I truly love and know within my heart will serve you. As an example, throughout the 21-Day Manifesting Challenge, there are enjoyable and game-changing methods that I have used personally to help me get to where I am today.

Warning! Here comes some bragging that is the result of the content I’ll share with you in the manifesting challenge.

  • I manifested and married my soulmate.
  • I manifested a million-dollar business.
  • I manifested miracle babies after 5 miscarriages in a row.
  • I manifested moving from Australia to Las Vegas and then to The Hamptons in New York.
  • I manifested (and of course worked for) multiple 6-figure international book deals.
  • I manifested having my Goalcast video going viral and being seen over 61+ million times.
  • but best of all…

I manifested the tools in my spiritual and emotional toolbox to navigate the times when I felt uncertain, unclear, and overwhelmed. Forget the fancy bells and whistles and cheesy bragging rights. These aren’t just my manifestations – I have literally seen these things manifest for countless amounts of other people too. My purpose here is to help you to manifest more JOY in every area of your life. I can definitely show you how to do that. And it’s a simple manifestation that I can’t wait to share with you.

5. Meditate, use affirmations, go with the flow and get out of your own way

In other words, raise your vibration. Because…self-sabotage can be a manifestation mood killer for sure. When you begin to pay attention to your doubts and fears then they tend to snowball into a scary place when you forget the power you have to guide your energy and manage your emotions. One of the best ways to do this is through meditation – specifically things like meditations for manifesting. Your mind might be scrambling to find all of the ways that you are getting things wrong, but your heart and soul know the truth. When you relax into the process of manifesting and you spend time (even if it’s just 5 minutes) in a meditation then your world will begin to transform.

6. Remember the power of collective energy

There is something so special that happens when you surround yourself with people and like-minded kindred spirits that are all on the same adventure with you. Getting that level of support is imperative when it comes to manifestation because you can see their results and inspire your own levels of energetic momentum.

7. Enjoy the journey and hold space for the magic

There can be a real danger of missing the magic of the present moment when you’re in constant hustle mode to manifest your future. The great news is that there is definitely a way to have the best of both worlds unfold for you. The key is to build trust and faith that the Universe is delivering your desires in perfect divine timing (and not a moment sooner) and your role is to enjoy the journey. Many insights, key pieces of wisdom, signs, and synchronicities will always unfold when you are creating space for your intentions to manifest.

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