Creative energy is the core essence behind my work. One element that needs to be expressed by me is visual art – whether it’s drawing or painting and to be fully transparent I just haven’t been making it a priority.

This morning on my Facebook memories I stumbled upon this post I made seven years ago. Yep, seven years! It’s amazing how time flies when you’re building a multi-million dollar business.

And the sad reality is that I make a post like this pretty much every year and do nothing about it. That is, until now. This realization is now painful enough that I want to create more art because it feels like a meditation to me in many ways. I get lost in the process of being creative. Can you relate?

So this is my plan and it involves you (if you feel inspired or inclined).

Follow me on IG, TikTok and YouTube to nudge me if you’d like to see some new artwork. I just shared today’s creation and so far it’s been pretty popular. For me, YOUR ENERGY gives me inspiration – it always has and it always will and for that I am truly grateful.

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