Are you a writer, an artist, a poet, or a musician? Do you sometimes struggle to feel inspired or feel like you need a boost of creative energy? Trust me; you’re not alone.

I just finished writing the manuscript for my upcoming book that will be published in May 2022. Actually, it’s still in the editorial process but we’re very close to having a powerful finished work that I can’t wait to share with you.

For me, at the end of each intense period of writing, I forget about the incredible amount of energy that it requires to stay focussed and on track to create. Some days my creative process left me energized, and other times it left me feeling drained and on some days even uninspired. This is a perfectly normal ebb and flow cycle of being a creative person.

As creatives, we learn how to ride the waves of getting into a space of alignment to manifest magic.

On the days when I needed a tiny boost or dose of inspiration, I turned to the following tips.

Here are my 6 tips if you are standing in front of a blank canvas, a beautiful blank screen, or have a desire to create from a space of artistry.

1. Set up your environment for creativity

This means that you need to switch off from all distractions and ensure your space inspires you to create. Declutter your office, workspace, or studio to feel like a clean slate to create. Have paper and pens ready to inspire ideas. Adding plants or fresh flowers to your environment is also really wonderful to maintain a flow of energy.

2. Commit to showing up regularly to create art

Add your creative sessions to your calendar so that you can prioritize them in your week. Unless you carve out the time in your life to create, then you won’t. The best way to activate creative energy is to make it a priority.

3. Raise your vibration

To create something a space of clarity is vital. If you feel foggy or out of alignment it will show in your work. Try meditating for 5-minutes before you energy into your creative session. This will not only raise your energetic frequency, but it will open you up to receive higher guidance.

4. Think outside the box

The most brilliant artists and writers throughout history have always approached their art in an unconventional way. Mix it up! Try something new! If you’re a writer, write about something you’ve never written about before. If you’re an artist, try a new color pallette.

5. See the sabotage and stop it

The best way to deal with doubt is to squish the monster of pooping on your parade while it’s small. When you feel those thoughts rise up, it’s really important to not give them any power but to thank them, and say: “Piss off, I know what you’re trying to do and you won’t stop me.”

Every time you do this, you’ll notice that your work will become stronger (and so will your confidence).

6. Listen to music to activate emotion

True art is birthed from emotional experiences that we have throughout life that are then encapsulated into our creative offerings. Try creating a playlist of songs that move you within. You can listen to my Ultimate Manifesting Playlist if you need some ideas.

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