The Universe is always giving us clues to guide us on our journey. But have you been paying attention and listening?

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Here are 6 Magical Messages from The Universe (and what they mean)…

1. When you see special numbers in sequence (111, 1111)

The 111 or 1111 sequence can be an incredibly meaningful sign of alignment in the process of manifestation. You might also see 222, 333 or perhaps even 555. Whatever the numerical sequence, these ‘Angel’ numbers are such a strong and powerful form of communication to let you know that things are all aligning very nicely.

The meaning: It’s a beautiful sign of alignment and message to let you know that you’re in the flow.

2. When you experience a delay

Too often our first response to a delay is to feel pissed off or cranky, but what if the delay was ensuring that you were being guided or protected?

I remember a story of a guy that was ticked off because on his way to work one morning he stepped in gum on the pavement. He had to go home and change his shoes which meant he was going to miss his train. This was on the morning that a plane flew into his office building on 9/11. If he didn’t step in the gum, he would have been sitting at his desk.

The meaning: Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) unfolds in perfect Divine timing.

3. When you experience a coincidence

The Universe communicates to us via a language called synchronicity. This happens when we feel blown away by an occurrence that our reality collided with someone or something along the way.

The meaning: There are no coincidences, and when the synchronicities appear it’s an invitation to follow the white rabbit to the next set of instructions. You’re on a wild mission from the Universe.

4. When a book, course or person appears in your awareness

Sometimes it’s impossible to ignore messages from the Universe when they keep being presented to you over and over again. Different friends might suggest a book for you to read or a person to follow on social media. When you hear things more than a couple of times, make sure you pay attention. It holds vital clues for something you need to explore.

The meaning: You are being guided, always.

5. When your intuition seems to be heightened

You might have a song in your head and then turn on the radio and it’s playing. You might have a knowing that a car space is about to be available in the frantic parking lot at Wholefoods. You might know if your phone is about to ring. All of this points to your consciousness being in a really cool space. You’re in the flow and the Universe can speak to your loud and clearly because your heart is open to listening.

The meaning: Give thanks for your intuition because the more you strengthen that faculty, the more it will work for you in your life.

6. When you have an inspired idea land in your mind

All ideas originate in the non-physical realm first and are miraculous gifts from the Universe. When this happens for you (whether inspiration hits when you are folding the laundry, driving to work or in the shower) TAKE ACTION on it. This idea is the most magical of ways that The Universe sends you a powerful message.

The meaning: You are always being Divinely guided and inspired.

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