The Best Ways to Utilize Crystals

Crystals not only look beautiful and magical, but they also have the power to help amplify your energy. However, with that being said, crystals do not manifest your dreams for you. They are just a powerful reminder of the ability you have to create your own reality.

Your energy creates your reality and crystals help to guide your energy.

I remember when I was a child my mother would keep a citrine crystal with her when she was trying to attract clients for her psychic readings. Citrine is apparently one of the best crystals to work with to attract abundance. There was always a noticeable difference in the amount of money she made on the days when she used the crystal consciously versus the days when it was left at home.

Here’s what I know to be true about using crystals to attract abundance (money, vibrant health, wealth and love).

Crystals are vessels for energy

You can program these beauties to hold space for your intentions – no matter what you want to manifest. You can use then in conjunction with manifestation rituals (like my Ancient Manifesting Ritual which I know you will LOVE).

Crystals are sacred reminders

It’s such a personal and unique process to connect to the crystal before you take it home with you. It needs to speak to you and connect to your soul. Your crystal is a reminder to hold deep reverence for the Divinity in your life.

Crystals amplify your consciousness

It’s very clear that it’s not about being dependant on the crystal as much as it is holding the belief that you carry the power of conscious awareness and the crystal works WITH you.

If you want to manifest more abundance in your life then I highly recommend you weave the magic of crystals into your spiritual practice.

If you're not sure where to begin then here are some great crystals to get started with and to begin your collection:

Set the intention and put it ‘out there’ to the Universe that you will attract the perfect crystal into your reality that will help to amplify your consciousness and help to manifest your desires.