How To Activate Your Manifesting Superpowers

All of us were born with manifesting superpowers. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what you have experienced throughout life, or even what you believe. The fact is that each and every moment you are alive is a beautiful manifestation.

However, when it comes to intentionally wanting to call something into your reality like a soul mate, a dream home, or a giant pile of cash, it’s important to remember that everything is energy. You must align with your desires emotionally first, so they can become a clear love letter to the Universe and then ultimately materialize.

Remember: Your emotions are creating your reality.

So here’s what to do when you want to truly activate your manifesting superpowers. You can read below or listen to the podcast version too:

1: Meditate


The best way to raise your vibration and manifest instant clarity is to meditate. Close your eyes and connect with God/The Universe/Divine Mother (or whatever name you have for SOURCE). It’s your own private conversation of prayer and connection to the essence of your soul. Even if you do this for just 5 minutes per day you will notice a radical difference in what shows up in your reality and how you react to it.

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2: Set Powerful Intentions


Getting clear about what you want to create in your life is the key to starting your manifesting path. If you can hold the vision in your mind’s eye through listing out what you want, then The Universe will have a better idea about what to deliver. Imagine you’re in a restaurant and the waiter hands you a menu. Most people in life don’t look at the menu to make their choice, they allow the chef (The Universe) to surprise them. When you are a conscious manifestor then you know what you want, what to order, and how you want to feel.

Resource: Download my FREE Intention Setting Worksheet

3: Empower Your Emotions


As stated above it’s your emotions and your feelings that are manifesting your reality. Most people think it’s “thoughts become things” but it’s actually your emotions that are the rocket-fuel for your vibration and your energy. When you remember that life is happening through you and that your emotions are delicious gifts from The Universe then you can open up your portal to infinite possibilities. And yes, even the crappy emotions have the most beautiful Divine gifts to share with you.

Resource: Read my book called Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations

4: Cultivate Your Intuition


Just as we were all born with the ability to manifest, you also have this incredible spiritual faculity of insight and intuition. It’s like a muscle, the more you pay attention to build strength in that department, the more it will work for you. Pay attention to your dreams, to signs that appear in your life and how the more you meditate, means that your intuition is amplified.

Resource: Listen to the Journey to Manifesting podcast episode on intuition.

5: Build Your Spiritual Altar


I wrote about this in Dear Universe, but the idea is that you create your own sacred space in your home for prayer and connection to the Divine. This could be a small table that you keep your crystals on, your oracle cards or your essential oils. It’s so important to keep the Divine reminders of your infinite nature in a special place.

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Bonus: The Beauty Of Manifesting Rituals

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