The Manifesting Game and How to Spark A Soulful Conversation With The Universe

We all have beautiful, unique and very personal relationships between ourselves and the Universe/God. Sometimes as we move through life we forget the ability we have to “play games” with this exquisite omnipotent life force that flows through all that is.

Most people just pray or meditate when things go wrong in their lives, rather than seeing their spirituality as a much needed continuum of holistic wellness. They resort to offering their energy when someone needs healing or help (which is great). But there’s another soulful flip-side to this coin and it can indeed be playful, joyous and fun as well.

It’s magnificent in its simplicity actually.

All we need to remember to do is ASK, open our hearts and allow the magic of the Universe to present itself to us. We need to be willing to enter into a conversation that will take us on an adventure to unfold the miracles in our lives that we so dearly desire. Everything in this world is based on intention and feedback and the best part is that you get to have FUN with it, like sharing a joke with a best friend that lights up your soul.

But how do we learn to trust the Universe?

(This is a question I get asked very frequently by my students)

We live in an age of instant gratification where you can get answers to burning questions as soon as you type them into a search engine online. You can get food delivered right to your door (within the hour sometimes) when you’re feeling a craving. You can chat and connect with someone on the other side of the world within an instant. Or, you can download a book and start reading it immediately. Even just fifty years ago these services of convenience would have seemed so ‘space age’ or too radical to fathom for most. And yet, something within our psyche still believes that it’s infinitely harder to manifest a million dollars than it is to manifest a tiny button.

Sadly, sometimes we buy into the idea that we are separate from God/The Universe and it’s FALSE.


We forget our power. 

We trust science over spirituality, logic over intuition, and forget that the power of thought is actually faster than any internet connection on the planet. Our desires will always have free shipping, our intentions will always be delivered, but the delivery time is dependent on the resistance we place around our metaphysical orders.

Thought (in conjunction with feeling) is the fastest conduit for intention to manifest into your reality and cultivate the beauty of reverence – which it’s why it’s so important to play games with the Universe and feel good! It’s supposed to be fun! Your daily spiritual practice should light your soul on fire. It can also help to release the pesky resistance that prevents your desires from manifesting.

Part of strengthening your intuition and connection to the Universe is to test the energy in your world. Which is why I created The Manifesting Game. To begin with it’s 7 ‘manifesting missions’ that prompt you to spark a dialogue with your heart and the Universe.

Each thing that shows up in your reality is a Divine wink to let you know and remind you that you are a powerful creative force in this world, YOU ARE WORTHY and you are loved unconditionally.

The best part is that it’s FREE. I wanted to create something powerful that would ignite your faith that you are an integral part of a much bigger picture. If you feel like you want your life to become just a little bit more exciting sign up for The Manifesting Game here now. You’re going to LOVE it. xo

The Manifesting Game