Let’s just say that you open a bill that landed in your mail box. It’s an electric bill that is way more than you were expecting and had budgeted for. The payment is due within 3 weeks. What is your very first emotional reaction?

Is it to feel ticked off, perhaps anxious and filled with dread? Because that’s fear-based. More than likely it’s a pattern of drama you’ve played out for years and you’re definitely not alone in having this reaction.

Or is your response neutralized by trust and an inner knowing that you’ll get it sorted as soon as you can? You might even feel grateful that your house is connected and wired to use electricity.  This response is a step in the right direction, but it takes some soulful training to cultivate ongoing awareness. It definitely takes persistence and practice. 

My wish here is to help you remove the vibe-fog that gets in the way of living an amazing life and manifesting your desires because everything in this Universe is based on energetics. Once you remember this, then life gets super-magical.

In every moment that you are presented with, you have a choice as to how you react. Essentially, it’s only one of two choices.

You can respond with LOVE or you can respond with fear.

A major part of my work teaching people about spiritual concepts is reminding them that abundance is about much more than money. It’s about being tuned into a flow of wellness that allows your heart to be open to all possibilities. Abundance is present in love, joy, happiness, creativity, appreciation, opportunities and so much more. Also, it’s a conscious choice.

Many of the world’s poorest people that live in villages with next to nothing live and embody the truest principles of abundance and gratitude. They live with hearts filled with appreciation and reverence for each day, sometimes each moment.

Yes, money is a large focus linked with the word ‘abundance’ in the western world, but it’s definitely not the whole enchilada.

Remember: Money is just energy. It’s a flow – an exchange of vibrational frequency. The same goes for love, inspiration and all of the other beautiful experiences of abundance we can hold in our hearts.

INTENTION SETTING WORKSHEETIf you find it tricky to feel abundant, one of the first things you can do is be more mindful about the energy that you bring to any given situation.

  • What can you be grateful for in this present moment?
  • How you can actively be an expression of happiness?
  • What would have to happen in your life to make it more awesome?


(Hint: Set powerful intentions and get some clarity. Try my FREE Ultimate Intention Setting Worksheet).

Choosing to feel abundance can be as easy as making yourself a beautiful fresh green salad or pouring yourself a glass of clean drinking water.

The idea is that you free up the beautiful flow of limitless possibilities, instead of scaring the prosperity/wellness faeries away by turning off your manifesting signal. The Universe can’t deliver your goodies if you’re blocked and if you believe that everything in your world is shitty.

Because how you respond to EVERYTHING and anything emits a vibrational frequency that returns to you with astounding accuracy.

If you’re negative, moody, snappy, short-fused, anxious and worried about money (just as an example) then you are attracting more of the same thing into your reality. This = LACK.

It can be a steep learning curve to choosing more empowering response, but it’s also a powerful opportunity to rewire the beliefs about what you BELIEVE you deserve to attract into your life. So when you gently guide your energy and choose to rise above the potential hindrances you might experience with LOVE, then you are living in a state of true abundance with the innate gifts the Universe wants you to utilize.

Remember: You are so powerful.

When you choose gratitude, joy, peace, harmony and stillness then magic unfolds and you experience happiness and remember that ABUNDANCE is all around you right now, in this very moment and that there is so much to be grateful for. xo

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