Remember, it’s not just about what you do to manifest, it’s about what you don’t do as well. This is why I’m going to speak to you today about the 7 Habits You Must Ditch to MANIFEST Abundance.

Print out these 7 Habits and use them as a divine reminder for yourself when you want to make more empowering choices to channel your abundance. And make sure you place the printout somewhere you can see and access often. It’s important that you allow yourself to gradually shift away from these 7 habits into more empowering choices.

Ready? Here we go:

7 Habits to Ditch If You Want to Manifest Abundance.

1. Blame

Maybe your ex owes you child support. Maybe your grandparents cut you out of their will. Whatever the story is, make sure that you don’t blame external circumstances for what you currently have in your life. Switch your blame to GRATITUDE and I can guarantee that your fortune will change. It’s about taking responsibility for your own power and your own energy.

Dear Universe, free my tendency to point the finger at others for where I’m at right now. May I release them with love and move forward into my own power.

2. Scarcity

A scarcity mindset can be seeded from your childhood. The fear that there is never enough, or that money will run out is one of the biggest blocks in the process of manifesting abundance. I’m not saying to be foolish with your dollars, but don’t spend money with the energy of fear.

Dear Universe, may I spend my abundance wisely of things that will bring me joy and gratitude.

3. Comparison

As the old saying goes: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” This is because when you compare your life to where someone else is at then you are generating the energy of separation. Don’t mentally beat yourself up if you’re not where you believe you should be. Empower yourself to remember that manifestations unfold in perfect Divine timing.

Dear Universe, I am worthy. I am unique. I am blessed.

4. Squandering

Firstly, let’s just point out that squandering is a fabulous word. It means to waste something foolishly. Many of us have a tendency to not keep track of our expenses and turn a blind eye to the ways we spend money. The trips to Starbucks add up! Make sure you are committed to not spending frivolously and that you know where you money is going so that you don’t waste it. If you love your money then you pay attention to where it flows.

Dear Universe, may my abundance be channeled into useful ways that serve the greater good.

5. Jealousy

The old green-eyed monster can rear her ugly head when you least expect it. Jealousy is like comparison, but is rooted in bitterness and a warped sense of entitlement. Make sure that the next time you feel jealous that you try to feel happy for the person and their success. Remember: “What I wish for you, I wish for myself.” If you truly want to manifest your dreams into your life then you MUST learn to feel happy for the success of others. Otherwise, you are blocking your vibration and the flow of energy of the things you desire from landing into your reality.

Dear Universe, I celebrate the success of others and nourish my soul with the energy of their achievements.

6. Drama

How do you tell stories and converse with your friends? Do you complain? Do you bitch about other people behind their back? Do you dwell in the space of negative conversations or positive ones? The energy that we fuel our interactions with others will determine whether or not we are welcoming in abundance, or slamming the door to prosperity in our own faces.

Dear Universe, I release the need for drama and I guide my conversations to inspire, uplift and focus on the goodness in the present moment.

7. Chaos

Okay. Confession time. What does the inside of your purse, handbag or wallet look like right now? Do you have receipts crammed in there? Old candy wrappers? Random coins? Ditch the chaos and remember that the Universe loves order. When you clean out and declutter the place where you keep your cards and cash then it creates a high-vibing space to welcome in more abundance.

Dear Universe, I now hold a clear space to welcome in prosperity into my life.

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