The self-help industry loves to inspire people that one day they might become “millionaires” and their lives will all of a sudden magically transform. To be clear, it’s not the money that creates the almighty internal shift, it’s the freedom it creates as long as it’s paired with the beautiful and ever-expanding conscious awareness of abundance.

Abundance is just energy and you have the power to tune into that miraculous vibration as soon as you decide to.

Cultivating a ‘millionaire mindset’ is a journey that takes many interesting and sometimes arduous detours along the way. There are many well-known people that have built massive wealth and then lost it in order to learn how to create sustainable abundance in their lives and keep it as they move forward along the path.

True abundance is all about holding the energy of prosperity in your heart no matter what your current reality is. The numeric figure is relative, but the freedom is a choice that you have NOW if you want to encourage your ‘millionaire mindset’ to flourish.

Even if you have less than $10 to your name, there is a way to act as if, and feel grateful for what you have. Trust me, I’ve lived this reality, so I know from oh-so-real-and-raw personal experience how the anxiety around money and prosperity can challenge you.

Ways that we hold ourselves back and block the flow of abundance tend to be:

  • Beliefs that we have held since we were children
  • Feelings of worthiness that stunt our ability to attract abundance
  • Lack of trust associated with money
  • Inability to feel deep appreciation for the present moment

I talk a lot about my early days of how I manifested my way out of poverty as a single mother to the life I live today of living a life of financial freedom. However, I neglect to mention the discomfort that I had to experience along the way as I cultivated my millionaire mindset. Here are 3 real-life examples of how I grew over a three year period…

The Millionairre Mindset (and your soul) is tested in order to expand

June 2014 example:

When you start generating lots of money in small periods of time you have to use a lot of willpower not to self sabotage your success. There’s a reason why lottery winners often lose their fortunes within the first 5 years. It always boils down to worthiness. The Universe likes to test your consciousness by expanding it. 

I’d just had my 5th miscarriage in 10 months, we lived in a 2 million dollar home that was $1200 per week in rent and we had just $2000 left in our bank account. We didn’t have any product launches lined up, or Adventures In Manifesting books ready to publish, we had literally run out of money (due to some silly decisions) and our souls were hitting the panic button. My husband was literally throwing up several times per day because the stress was so unbearable.

Something internally had to shift, so we decided to move states to heal and formulate a better plan. We moved to another million dollar home that overlooked the ocean and the property didn’t have Internet (a fact we didn’t understand until we moved in and a BIG problem to have when you’re running an online business). And then I got pregnant…again. The Universe was testing us and our ability to survive and keep going no matter what financial or personal challenges of uncertainty we were being faced with.

We knew we needed to build a solid foundation. Thankfully, the sustainable business model we needed started to become successful after many months of educating ourselves to try and find a better way. We just had to learn to trust in the process of being comfortable with uncertainty.

The Millionaire Mindset uses active faith

August 2015 example:

Learning how to trust that there is a safety net, even when you can’t see it, will guide your way and help your intentions to manifest. For example, a year ago Sean and I didn’t know whether or not our Visa would get approved to move our family to America from Australia and yet our rental lease was about to expire. We planned a garage sale to sell ALL of our household belongings before we had confirmation that we had passed the residency requirements. It was crazy, but it was using the process of ACTIVE FAITH.

The secret was that we felt like our visa had already been approved. There was no resistance or fear, we were just guiding our energy to go with the flow. Thankfully, we were on a plane flying to Vegas within 2 weeks. The Universe loves and responds to active faith.

We arrived in America with several boxes, our three dogs, three children, and everything piled into a mini-van. We were semi-homeless until we were to find our new place to call home. We were just lead by ACTIVE FAITH and trusted  that the Universe would unfold the steps as we went along.

Within a week, we moved from the hotel and into our beautiful new home. Discover my 5×55 secret manifesting formula we always use to accelerate our intentions. 

The Millionaire Mindset feels surreal when money resistance is released

June 2016 example:

In one month we generated over $180,000 from our manifesting products. We’re now spending over $60,000 a month in online advertising (just 7 months ago we were spending just $40 per month). Right now as I write these words we have a housekeeper AND a nanny here in our home in Las Vegas. However, there are still times when I have to pinch myself that we live a life of financial freedom. It feels really surreal sometimes to have most of the energetic resistance around money completely gone. Honestly, sometimes I am triggered by the littlest things, but most of the time I now understand you have to spend money to make money. Or better yet, you have to spend energy to attract abundance. 

Sometimes I get the feelings rise up from deep within that question my worthiness. Buying a color printer felt like an unnecessary luxury, I still like buying clothes from Target, I still love a good bargain. However, I now realize that time=money. Everything has to be an investment – a conscious investment that is worth my time and my energy.

One of my dearest friends told me to vote with my dollars. So now I love to support small businesses, conscious companies and products that help to nurture people and the planet.

Now my “millionaire mindset” has to be a way of being that nurtures a flow of giving and receiving. And if by chance, something happened and I didn’t have money flowing in, or didn’t have a capacity to earn I would still maintain my feeling of abundant energy no matter what. I could pick wildflowers in the desert and feel like a million bucks.

It’s all about feeling worthy, being open to receiving prosperity, tuning into infinite creative energy, and releasing the hold that money has over us to predict the quality of our happiness. When you lift that veil of perception that NOW is the time to be wealthy, the true beauty and magic of the Universe is available to you in limitless supply. 

If you’re finally ready to make the Universe your BFF and if you’re ready to start creating your own miracles so you can finally manifest your desires and more abundance…

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