Forgiveness And The Miracles That Unfold When We Choose LOVE

I wrote this post a few days ago about how the written content of a few of my courses was literally ‘copy and pasted' by someone into a product that they sold as their own. This is the second time this has happened, but this time I was super aware of the energetic toll it had taken on my vibration.

I made two posts in my private manifesting community where I currently have over 12,000 amazing students.  The first one was to let everyone know that the person that did this was an ex-student and to express how saddened I felt by this experience. The support I received was overwhelming. To be clear, I wasn’t using this as an opportunity to be nasty to this lady that plagiarized, it was actually a MUCH bigger lesson than I had first anticipated. The comments from my students ranged from anger, sadness to disgust.

“Karma is a bitch” was a comment frequently used that actually made me wake up to the power I had to handle the situation with a newfound level of consciousness because I don't believe karma is a bitch. I believe karma is the awareness of the energetic responsibility we have to lead by example with integrity. This phrase is often cleverly disguised as a way to send someone bad luck (I'll post more about this another day). I wanted to get to the space where I could balance the energy.

So I wrote this in the group yesterday to give them an update and to use it as an opportunity to teach that there is ALWAYS A BETTER WAY to handle conflict resolution than with attaching to energy that will keep you down…


I just wanted to say thank you for all of the beautiful support and love expressed here in this community following the plagiarism issue I shared yesterday concerning one of our ex-members.

I know there were a lot of mixed feelings floating around in the comments from anger to disgust and various other forms of non-sparkly energy.


It no longer needs to be met with drama, or any energy actually. I completely neutralized it by FEELING INTO MY HEART SPACE WITH COMPASSION.

I teach this stuff right? I know you know how important it is for me to walk the talk and to be in full integrity. I didn’t want to carry around any resentment in my energy field. What’s the point?

This experience reminded me that in life we make mistakes (sometimes really foolish ones) that can get us into trouble. I have made MANY mistakes over the course of my lifetime. That’s how we learn.

So when I have a person that is doing everything I asked (legally demanded actually) and has taken down all of the plagiarized content, publicly said sorry and shown me how much she regrets her actions, what choice do I have?

I could hold onto resentment and feel like a victim. I know and remember all too well the energetic damage this does to my cells. I’m growing a human in my belly right now, my baby doesn’t need that surging through her bloodstream as well.


I could remember that we’re human and we make mistakes and that FORGIVENESS is the path of least resistance that won’t mess with my flow of energy.

I sent this lady a personal text (after all of the legal requirements had been met of course) to express my gratitude for the lesson she taught me over the last 24 hours.

  • I was reminded of the gift of compassion.
  • I was shown that I have a choice how I react to situations.
  • I was shown that being angry is okay as long as you don’t allow it to stay with you for more than a few hours.
  • I was reminded of the support and power of COMMUNITY thanks to you beautiful people here in the MANIFEST group.
  • I was reminded how I am entitled to stand my legal ground and protect my work. I’m a grown-ass woman that honors my voice.
  • I was called, from deep within, to be KIND.

Ironically, today is her birthday. It would have bee really shitty to wake up this morning with that horrendous sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach knowing that her brand has been picked apart and that people now know of her actions. It would have sucked on so many levels.

In the text I encouraged her to keep teaching, that she is a beautiful and vibrant person with a mission to share and I didn’t want her to be discouraged and feel like she was a bad person. I didn’t want her to carry that around with her in her heart. Most importantly I told her to tune into her own heart and use her own voice.

Within minutes a text came back saying how much she appreciated my kindness. I CRIED. It didn’t take much at all to turn a really shitty experience into something that strengthened us both.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Keep sharing your soul stories and supporting one another. xoxox

After my new friend and I exchanged texts I felt a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I honestly felt the full spiritual lesson behind it and felt a genuine need to see her success on her mission to teach. Karma isn’t a bitch at all, because the karma that this lady and I exchanged was powerful. It pushed both of our buttons and we came out the other side of it with new levels of awareness.

In each moment we choose LOVE over fear we keep our energy in a state of beautiful balance. Does this mean that people won’t come into our lives that do crummy things and poo on our parades? Hell no.

The real secret to manifesting a life you desire and living in a state of conscious awareness is to see yourself in the other person. We’re ALL in this together and we’re one in the same.

What I wish for you, I wish for myself. 

In conclusion I whole-heartedly encourage you to ditch the drama, let go of the wrong-doings and LEAD WITH LOVE. It will literally reshape the fabric of your reality. xo

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