Shocking Lies We Tell Ourselves to Sabotage Abundance

Have you considered that you or someone you know is scared of moving forward in their life in case they outshine their family members or friends? Perhaps you or someone you know fear the resentment that could be gently hurled in your direction if you earned more money, lived in a bigger house or didn’t have to work so hard to hustle through life.

Self-sabotage is a subtle virus that creeps into our awareness and prevents us from rising up to manifest greatness. There is really no benefit to keeping yourself small in order to make others feel comfortable.

Here are some shocking lies we sometimes tell ourselves to sabotage abundance. Because who wants to manifest more prosperity right? After all, money is the root of all evil (just kidding).

Lie #1: You’re not good enough

Lack of worthiness is the underlying cause of most people not showing up in their lives to their full capacity. When we work on loving and accepting who we are as human beings the results are miraculous. You deserve to be happy, to live a life you love and to seek out the way you want to play in this world while you’re here.

Lie #2: That you’re too old

Vera Wang was 41 before she became a famous fashion designer. Samuel L. Jackson (the guy from Pulp Fiction) was 46 before he landed a role in a movie. Louise Hay was in her mid-sixties when she created Hay House. The guy who created KFC was in his 80s before he was officially a millionaire. See? Your age is a bullshit excuse.

Lie #3: That you’re not where we should be for your age

Everything happens in Divine Timing. Babies appear when they are meant to, relationships, deaths, loss, romance, failure, success – ALL of it. If you’re not where you think you should be for your age, then it’s time to be grateful that you made it to your current age. Getting older is a blessing and an opportunity to live the rest of your life being open to all possibilities. You CAN manifest anything, at any age.

Lie #4: That you’re not smart enough

Perhaps you didn’t do very well in school with your grades. Maybe you didn’t finish college. Or perhaps you hold the belief that you don’t understand certain concepts like mathematics or logic as you perceive that others do. There are many different forms of intelligence. Sometimes the people with the highest IQs (I’m talking savant/genius level) have no idea how to relate to others emotionally. Sometimes the people with high emotional IQs have no idea how to change a lightbulb or calculate distance. Claim that you are smart enough to attract the abundance you desire into your life. Your soul is far more brilliant than your brain.

When you examine the limiting beliefs you hold unnecessarily in your heart, and you are open to letting them go, then life will reward you and you’ll begin to see the Universe working effortlessly WITH YOU instead of blocking the flow of abundance.

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