Money + Abundance

Activating The Core Essence of Abundance: From Poverty to Prosperity

Have you ever felt like when the Universe (or God) was giving out expanded consciousness around abundance and prosperity you were missed? The bills and expenses pile up month after month and you don’t feel like The Law of Attraction is working for you? Do you feel hopeless, lost and always anxious about how to pay for the things you desire in life?

Well here’s the thing…

You probably haven’t spent enough time ACTIVATING the core essence of abundance in order to welcome the flow of prosperity into your life.

There are so many things that you can do in order to shift your mindset and set your heart-dial to the frequency of receiving more cash (consciously) into your reality.

You might already know my story about how I left a 10 year marriage with literally nothing. I had two suitcases, two beautiful children and around $30,000 worth of debt. The bank would call me from a ‘private’ number several times per day and I felt hounded. The lowest point was only having a bag of pasta to feed my children for a couple of days. Like most single mothers in this situation I began to starve myself so that my kids could eat and so I could afford petrol to put into my car to take them to school.

As a silver lining kind of girl though, I knew that the so-called ‘poverty’ that I was experiencing in comparison to people that have to sleep on streets or eat out of the garbage bins meant that I was the luckiest lady on the planet. I was healthy, my kids were healthy and we could survive…even if it was only on the peanuts given to me by the government.

Gratitude helps to maintain perspective

I decided to focus on being grateful for my freedom and for what I did have and what I was going to have. Being grateful for the tiniest things helped to shift my vibration and take it up a level.

What I didn’t realise at the time – and I want you to focus in on what I’m about to say here…zoom in…

[Tweet “Whatever you are going through right now is forming part of your own magnificent success story.”]

All of the hardship and the struggles help to create beautiful contrast for you to rise above. Sometimes it takes people longer than others, but the key is to be determined to remove the blocks that inhibit your growth.

I’m going to say that once again…

You need to remove the blocks that inhibit the growth.

You do this by practicing the following things daily:

+ Gratitude
+ Expanding your consciousness around money
+ Emersing yourself in success stories

This is exactly what I have done and continue to do. My life looks RADICALLY different to the way it looked five years ago.

I now generate a 6 figure income MULTIPLE times per year. And I don’t tell you this to brag, that’s not my cup of tea. I tell you this to inspire you because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Activating abundance happens when you feel worthy, so you need things like affirmations and daily rituals to call your soul to rise up to greatness.

The bottom line is that you need to set the intention to make deep and profound changes in your life. You can either keep doing what’s not working, or you can try something that will make you feel better. What will you choose?

Just one of the ways that I generated my massive financial transformation (spiritually and mentally) was through creating a bestselling book series that featured and deeply honoured the success stories of others from around the world.

It’s called the Adventures In Manifesting series and features 7 books on various topics for you to feel inspired by. They also feature awesome teachers you might recognise from The Secret and various other leaders in the field of personal development that I have been honoured enough to publish.

I’m having a beautiful Spirit of Giving’ SALE for the next week where you can buy 2 of these books for the price of just 1 (and save 70%).

You can give one to a loved one or a friend over the holiday season to also inspire them to greatness. Success is infectious, so I encourage you to dive into this invitation to inspire yourself and read more about my story and hundreds of others that are just like you – fearlessly committed to raising their consciousness to a new vibration of abundance.