Your Energy Is Your Responsibility

It’s time to take your power back! In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives we cross paths with numerous energetic frequencies and vibrations that can potentially disturb our flow. Too often people hand over their power when they feel that they are being pushed out of their comfort zones – even for the smallest of things. For instance, if someone is being overly negative you might feel drained. People in the spiritual or personal growth space tend to get a little scared of negativity. Or if someone isn’t behaving in the way that you think they “should” you feel annoyed and irritated. This happens time and time again in relationships that need more compassion and understanding.

It’s in these moments that you must remind yourself that you have the power to guide your energy in the direction that will serve you.

Fear or love? Stillness or judgement? You get to choose.

This magical realization helps to move from the perception that life is happening to you instead of through you. There is a big difference. Do you see it? Life happens through you, as you are the creator of your own reality.

More than likely the energetic obstacles or upsets that get placed on your path (that you think are swaying your vibe) are actually Divine instruments to help you grow spiritually. The Universe LOVES to test the souls that put their hands up to dive into the spiritual lessons of expansion.

Energy management is like building up a muscle The more you consciously guide your awareness to take ownership and responsibility for your own energy, the more you will become a powerful manifestor. You’ll strengthen your capability to spend your energy wisely and understand that nothing can interfere with your energy without your consent.

So instead of blaming a person or situation for depleting your spiritual reserves, remember that you have a choice. You are the pilot of your soul plane and more than likely you’ll experience some turbulence, but the plane will still remain in the air.

The common mistake is to believe that external forces have the power to lower your vibration. When it’s actually the other way around. Think of it as an opportunity to raise your vibration when you are faced with less-than-desirable situations. You are being strengthened. As a manifestor, as a spiritual being, you are being given a blessing to WORK WITH, not against.

Your energy is your responsibility. xo

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