Ever felt an intuitive nudge about an important decision and you just choose to ignore it? You might have felt that pang in the pit of your stomach that tells you that something just isn’t quite as it appears to be, and yet you proceed with caution regardless of the warning signs. You might even hear a gentle inner whisper of intuitive guidance and willingly turn the other cheek. This is a really common mistake that so many people make intentionally over and over again throughout the course of their lives.

But is it really a ‘mistake’? Or is it the Universe’s way of ensuring that everything unfolds in Divine timing?

I’ve done this many, many times myself. I’ve heard the alarm bells ringing and the red flag waving in my heart, only to go in the exact opposite direction of what I know is the path of least resistance.

When people won’t or don’t believe you…

One of the roadblocks I usually hit along the way is that other’s might not believe or trust in my intuition because the reality or the “facts” of a situation might seem unfair or unquantifiable at the time. I’ve had people second-guessing my intuitive gifts since I was a child, but the reality is that my success rate of accuracy is pretty high (even if I do say so myself!). Nowadays, I gladly hope that I am wrong and declare that I’m happy to be wrong when I feel a certain way about a person or a situation.

Dealing with the skepticism of others is often a contributing factor to proceeding regardless of what your gut is telling you. In a way, it’s a form of dishonoring yourself. However, it means you are embarking on a deep spiritual journey into the realm of bracing yourself for upheaval. Part of being intuitive is to be okay with the possibility of being wrong and open to the road being rough because you trust the path the Universe sets out for you if nothing more than you can handle. However, you should never use your intuitive faculties to exhibit an ‘I told you so’ mentality. That will only piss people off and leave you isolated.

The magnification of lessons…

As an entrepreneur, I have made my fair share of business mistakes that have cost me a lot of time and money. As a woman, I have made many relationship mistakes and proceeded with agreements even though they didn’t quite feel right at the time. As an extreme example, I got married at 21 (to my first husband) with a pregnant belly and bruises on my arms. God knows I knew that wasn’t a very safe and sound decision – but I did it anyway. As a mother, as a human, I have made mistakes with my children that have taken us all on all sorts of little interesting detours.

The point here is that these so-called ‘bad decisions’ or judgement calls all taught me something, usually something really valuable.

I believe that when you ignore your intuition and proceed in a direction you know is going to be troublesome, you are actually putting your hand up to learn some pretty powerful spiritual lessons.

A key point to remember is that if you don’t “get” the lesson, it will usually start to form a signature energy pattern and appear over and over again until it sinks in. So if you do happen to ignore your intuition it’s not the worst thing in the world. It means that you’re human and it’s perfectly bloody okay to make seeming mistakes from time to time.

But what if you can’t stop beating yourself up for poor judgement calls or making bad decisions? What if you can’t let go of the fact you knew that something wasn’t right and yet you proceeded anyway?

The answer is simple. You accept what is, and you keep moving forward. You need to show yourself some compassion and not allow fear to dictate your decision-making abilities in the future.

Intuition is a beautiful gift regardless of whether you follow it or not. There are no wrong paths, wrong decisions or bad choices because each adventure you choose is contributing to the expansion of your consciousness and the growth of your soul.”

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