The space between setting a powerful intention and then waiting for it to manifest can be one of the most spiritually charged, valuable lessons you are to experience during the course of your lifetime.

Patience is a virtue, right?

However, why doesn’t it always feel that way?

Why does it sometimes feel like you’re waiting for a bus, watching paint dry or perhaps watching grass grow? Time slows down to a snail’s pace and all you care about is when your stuff/person/experience might show up on the shoreline of your reality.

Here are 7 Things to Do When You’re Waiting For Something to Manifest…because a watched pot will never boil (as the old saying goes).

To explain further, you literally unblock the vibrational resistance when you try this stuff.

1. Distract Yourself

One of the best ways to detach from the energy of obsession is to find something else to focus on. Even if you watched a funny movie, binged watched something on Netflix or called a friend and didn’t talk about yourself, then you have actively distracted yourself and freed up your manifesting energy.

2. Spring Clean and Declutter

The Universe loves order, so when you declutter and keep a clean home, get rid of things that you no longer use or want, then you will be attracting good things into your life and creating the space you need for them to appear.

Just remember it’s important to declutter your physical AND spiritual space…

Also, remember that the decluttering process can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t have the right framework or guidance to accomplish it properly, so proceed with caution.

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3. Create Space

When you actively create space for something to manifest then you are sparking the Law of Vacuum. This means that if you create space then the Universe will be eager to fill the energetic space.

4. Focus on Manifesting Something Else

If you shift your focus and try to manifest something else it will help so much. I remember seeing Abraham (Esther Hicks) live once in Melbourne, Australia and she said if you want to get a book published then write another one at the same time in order to split the focus and not obsess so much (which makes us get in our own way).

5. Exercise

Tony Robbins says that “physiology changes psychology” and so when you get your body moving and fresh air in your lungs then you energize your vibration and release resistance.

6. Remember Divine timing

You signed a sacred contract prior to your birth that fully understood that everything unfolds as it should – when it should. Your job is to remember that everything is on God’s clock and you are the most powerful co-conspirator to get out of your own way and manifest when you release the energy of impatience.

7. Talk to The Universe

This limitless, omnipotent, all-pervading life force is YOU (within you and all around you) as a Divine support system. It’s important to you spark a dialogue with the Universe because everything in the fabric of the cosmos is based on intention and feedback. Simply put, you ask or inquire and the Universe will send you signs of alignment and manifestations as your answer. xo

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