Feeling frustrated? Ticked off? Pissed off? Unwell? Agitated or overwhelmed?

As you read this please take a moment and breathe…

Now, right now, in this present moment, is all that exists.

We live in a world of instant gratification, notifications, bells, whistles and reminders where having our attention illuminated and drawn back to the present moment is a rare occasion. The kids need feeding, the bills need paying, the dogs need washing and our ‘to do’ list is building up faster than the pesky blocks in a speedy (and stressful) game of Tetris.

We need to remember to tune into our own innate levels of discernment and slow down for the sake of our spiritual, mental and physical health.

In this last month I was heavily reminded of this truth. I moved house, had the most successful month within my business (which took a lot of hard work), my nanny left, Lulu started daycare which ushered in the bright green boogers, I’m nearly 23 weeks pregnant and the list goes on. I was in emotional hyper-drive with little downtime at all.

And then it happened…

I got a nasty flu-like virus that knocked me on my arse. The coughing alone has nearly driven me bananas. During this time my husband left for 3 days to attend a special destination wedding of a dear friend – it was something he couldn’t miss. Thus, I was home alone with 3 sick kids whilst being sick myself.

On Saturday night I couldn’t sleep. I tried and I tried and nothing would allow me to drift off. There was no way in the world I would just accept that I couldn’t sleep and every fiber of my being was fighting just having to go with the flow.

I was angry at my body.

I was frustrated that my plans to have a productive weekend were ruined.

I was pissed off that every few seconds I would cough and it felt like tiny razor blades scratching the inside of my throat.

And then something wonderful happened…


I sat with my crystals, meditated and surrendered to the experience. Even though I was sick I decided to roll with it and just accept it.

I decided to check in with my soul to feel soothed by a constant state of wellness. Sure, my body was all effed up, but my soul was calm and beautifully still.

I remembered that healing is a beautiful opportunity to be present and that probably the reason I got sick was to prompt the ‘ah-ha’ moment of realization I needed.

I remembered that slowing down is important and that there is no rush to get everything done.

Going with the flow is all about remembering the flow. It’s about remembering the connection we have to infinite wellness, infinite possibilities and that everything happens in Divine timing.

Self-compassion always goes a long way.

So next time you’re feeling sick, inconvenienced by illness, or perhaps even bothered by something you believe life is screwing up for you, try and remember and hark back to the core essence of your true being.

You are a spiritual being first and foremost and you have the beautiful power of discernment to check in on yourself to see if you’re on the right track.

Everything that is happening right now is totally fine and forming a beautiful part of your story. Your job is to remember the flow, go with the flow and use that flow (life force) to pave an inspired future for yourself one moment at a time. xo

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