Ever wanted to win the lottery? Or perhaps you have had dreams of winning the jackpot at the local casino? The energy of excitement and possibility when you’re ‘in it to win it’ is palpable. You know that winning a certain amount of money will radically change your life, but would you be ready to truly receive (with an open and healed heart) if you did win the big one?

Let’s take a deeper look…

Why Gambling Is Not The Way To Manifest Abundance

Many of my students want to try my Ancient Manifesting Ritual so that they can win the lottery. I wanted to address the issue of the spiritual energetics behind gambling and why it’s not really a good way to manifest abundance into your life.

I live in Las Vegas – probably the most famous place in the world for gambling and materialistic culture. Let’s just say that there is a massive need for light workers in this town of extreme highs and lows of the human experience (which is why I was so drawn to living here). On a subtle level there is an opportunity to gamble everywhere. You can gamble at the airport when you arrive, you can buy lottery tickets everywhere and you can even play poker machines at the supermarkets (not Wholefoods, thankfully).

My husband and I recently went out to dinner at a beautiful Mexican restaurant at Red Rock Casino which is really close to where we live. After dinner, I told him that I’d like to spend $20 and see if I could win something. I have always loved the fun and nonsense of gambling (without judgment) but I fully acknowledge that it can be a serious issue of addiction for people and ruin lives and families at a core detrimental level.

We walked into the “high limit” poker machine room and in 4 spins my $20 was gone. My excitement shifted from feeling the fun of possibility, to actually feeling a little dirty about it.

What was I supporting? What was I hoping to win back? How are these dollars supporting the expansion and evolution of conscious awareness and spiritual growth? 

Something then flipped in my mind like a light switch going off and I started to see the spiritual energetics of gambling as we walked out to the car park through the rows of different machines. 

We were walking past people from all walks of life that were glued to the poker machine screens, repetitively placing money in the cash slots like zombies hoping to win something, once and for all. There were some people that were obviously agitated, but the majority of people I tuned into felt emotionally numb. I began to feel like I wanted to cry.

To be clear, it was beyond judgment, it was deep empathy for the sadness they were experiencing.

There was a separation that had occurred between themselves and the Universe and they seemed to be mindlessly and unconsciously trying to fill a void. 

Yes, it’s scary not knowing how you’re going to pay bills for the month. 

Yes, it’s terrifying spending money you don’t have to spend frivolously on trying to win the jackpot. 

Yes, it’s heartbreaking when life gets so lonely that gambling is the only way that happy hormones can get released in your system periodically because the machines are programmed to manipulate your neurological reactions.

And then the thought hit me…

Should I bless theses people with prosperity so that they win something?

In my gut was an instant “NO” very loud and clear.

And then I received this as a gentle whisper of guidance…

Abundance that is won as the result of someone else’s misfortune isn’t energy that can be of the highest service to humanity.

Money Is Energy

I am a firm believer that money is just energy. The money you get flows to you with a clean slate, this I am pretty certain of. It’s a transaction that you attract when your vibration is high enough to fully receive the prosperity. I do know for a fact that earning money by ALLOWING it into your reality is way sweeter than winning it.

Given that most lottery winners lose their money within the first 5 years it’s important to remember:

  • ABUNDANCE is so much more than money, it’s an energy. It’s ALL about feeling worthy, because you are.
  • It’s important to remember the vibration you offer to your beliefs surrounding abundance and money. They can always be healed and reviewed. Money is not the root of all evil.  
  • Abundance can make you happy because it creates the feeling of FREEDOM. You can cultivate that feeling within your heart NOW no matter how much money is in your bank account.


Because your life is already magical now. You are already living a life of abundance now. There is always so much to be grateful for in this present moment. 

You don’t need to spend money you don’t have to make yourself feel better. More so, please note that I’m not trying to make gambling “wrong”. There are plenty of people that roll into casinos and play for the sake of entertainment. They understand the house will always win. There’s also no harm in buying lottery tickets from time to time.

Practice Non-Judgement

Non-judgment is the most important piece of the puzzle of consciousness to remember when it comes to gambling.

People that are disconnected from the beauty of the Universe are incredibly powerful teachers that are in the process of forming their own beautiful story. They illuminate an exquisite opportunity to examine our own levels of reverence for the Divine as we walk through life. 

These people play a vital role to illustrate the power we have to be compassionate at a deeper level and remember that we have the capacity to ALLOW ABUNDANCE into our lives and that it doesn’t need to be obtained unethically or from the energy of desperation.

If you see someone that is wanting to attract abundance by winning it, instead of “allowing” it to flow into their reality…send them LOVE. All it boils down to is a level of awareness. It’s not right or wrong, it merely and simply just IS.

If you love the idea of walking around and truly seeing the connection we have between ourselves as humans and the almighty power of the Universe, then you will adore trying my FREE Manifesting Game. It’s something you can play, where everyone is a winner. The house always wins because you are the house. xo

The Manifesting Game

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