Everything is energy. We literally live in an “ocean of motion” where all the things are buzzing and oscillating at a specific frequency. Sometimes as we move through our lives we ride the wave of dealing with funky energy. You might have moved into a new rental home and it’s got some weird-ass vibes from the previous tenants. You might be working with someone that is always negative and complaining about things in your office. It might be a weird phase of the moon and your cycle and your energy is super low. Whatever it is, there are little helpers you can rely on to transform your energy to a space of balance and harmony.

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Here is The Ultimate Recipe to Fix The Vibes:

Sage: Cleans the vibe

Now before you think it’s a little too ‘witchy’ or ‘woo-woo’ this magical process has actually been backed by science to suggest that there are amazing health benefits too to clearing your space with smoke. According to this article; it can help to purify the air within a 24-hour period. It also helps to ground the vibration and generate negative ions which help to reduce stress, tension, and animosity that could have built up in your energetic environment.

The science stuff is awesome, but I much prefer to focus on the energy management side of things to keeping your environment at a high vibrational frequency. I wrote more about sage here.

Rock salt: Repels low vibes


Many years ago I was experiencing some lower frequency vibes in my house. A psychic told me to sprinkle the four corners of my room with rock salt to create an energetic safe zone. You could use rock salt or Himalayan salt – just not regular table salt. Another great way of using salt for energetic uplifting is to take a hot/warm bath in Epsom salts – they have many wonderful health benefits too. Use two large scoops of Epsom salts to create a beautiful high-vibe self care ritual that repels low vibes and welcomes high ones.

Clear Quartz: Clears the vibe


In a similar way to rock salt, the clear quartz crystal has the power to amplify and reset your energy field. It promotes peace of mind and clarity. Choose a piece that looks and feels fresh and clear to you and set the intention that this crystal will help to support you energetically when you need it to.

Amethyst: Attracts good vibes


It’s known as the “Stone of Spirit” and is the same hue as the crown chakra (Sahasrara) – our connection and gateway to the Divine within. Amethysts are in beautiful Mala beads as a meditation tool and support system for the monks in Tibet. It’s also a protective stone that helps to guide your energy to a space of calm and collected trust in the Universe.

Citrine: Brings abundance vibes


Citrine is known to be the queen of the manifestation stone. When you combine the power of your affirmation and intention, it is a powerful stone for helping to AMPLIFY the manifestation of prosperity and abundance. Citrine helps to open your third eye and makes it easier for your intuition to flow and dream big for yourself.

Rose quartz: Brings love vibes


Rose Quartz, with its pretty pink appearance, is a stone manifesting LOVE. It has the energy of the Divine Feminine, compassion, healing and unconditional love. It busts your Heart Chakra wide open in order to manifest more softness into your life. Apparently, it’s been used as a token of love dating back to as early as 600bc. It’s wonderful for attracting new love or to spark the flame of existing love in a relationship.

Essential Oils: to manifest wellness vibes


Essential oils are magical, plant-based naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds. They are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Since the dawn of time essential oils have been used internally, topically and aromatically for healing, emotional support and for beauty purposes. They are also fabulous for high-vibe intentional manifesting. I adore and promote one the most integrity-driven and ethical brands on the planet, dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Aromatherapy is one of the best and fastest ways to fix the vibe wherever you are! Try diffusing a citrus blend and watch your mood rise almost instantly!

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