I was sitting in my car this morning procrastinating. Sometimes it’s super peaceful just parking the car and sitting in stillness, witnessing the world go by. There’s no one that needs anything from me – no “mama” being called out every few minutes. No butts to wipe, meals to make, phone calls to answer. I was at the parking garage at the gym, scrolling my Facebook feed and liking posts on Instagram. I was trying to motivate myself to get out of the darn car and onto the gym floor to lift some weights and maybe run a mile or three.

Then it hit me…

I didn’t have to go to the gym. I didn’t even want to work out. I get to.

These are the 3 words that will radically transform your life.

I get to.

It’s an honor, a privilege, a choice.

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Some people don’t have that choice and it put things into fiercely sharp perspective.

I get to.

These three words can be applied to anything you are doing in your life. If it’s working your way through a giant pile of laundry, washing dishes, walking your dog, doing the grocery shopping or paying the bills…

Make sure you hold in your awareness the fact that you get to do those things. It’s life flowing through you.

I can guarantee you that if you’re procrastinating and not wanting to go for a run or workout at the gym, that there is a person out there that would LOVE to be in your shoes. The Universe is always sending us these beautiful and sacred assignments.

So I did my workout. I instantly felt amazing. I sat in my car again to scroll through my Facebook feed and saw that an old high school friend of mine had passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. What I noticed about her page, as I scrolled through, is that she was really living her life and not putting things on hold or procrastinating. She understood the “I get to” phrase. Again, I was kicked in the arse (“ass” for my American friends) with the awareness that I was taking certain things in my life for granted. It’s a sobering thought to remember that we have the power to guide our energy and our emotions. Life is short and you must learn how to make your own magic. 

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