What Is The Energetic Signature Pattern Of Your Soul?

As human beings, we are born into this world with a clean slate. Year after year as our personality emerges through life experience, we begin to create signature patterns of our souls in the form of repetitive vibrational offerings that manifest as our reality.

Everything in this entire beautiful Universe is based on vibration.

Literally everything you see, touch, taste, smell, sense and feel is in motion (especially your thoughts, which is why they are so powerful).

At an atomic level, it’s all buzzing and oscillating at a certain frequency to create the patterns that you see consistently showing up in your life. The vibrations clump together, because like attracts like (which is the Law of Attraction) and form your overall life experience.

If you feel like you are broke, unworthy, unlovable, unhealthy etc, then your vibe dial is set to the ‘sad trombone’ vibration and more of the same experience will head in your direction until you SHIFT YOUR VIBRATION and offer something radically different.

The vibration happens first, and then the reality is an echo (after the fact). We are all living in a reality where we play catch up over and over again in a never-ending loop called life.

The signature patterns of your soul are totally changeable and easy to transform. By becoming aware of the patterns of your soul and the vibration that you are offering you start to make sense of your life experience thus far, and then you can begin to intentionally shift the patterns and stories that you acknowledge are hindering your manifesting progress.

Last night my husband and I watched the Tony Robbins Netflix documentary called ‘I Am Not Your Guru’ which was a behind the scenes look at his wildly popular live event called Date With Destiny. I won’t write any spoilers, but let’s just say there were attendees that had to list out the difficulties they had experienced in their lives. I mentally imagined myself having to list out all of the painful stuff that I’ve been through over the last 30+ years. Themes include:

Violence, lies, divorce, depression, massive financial issues, betrayal, bulimia, addiction, sick family members, recurrent miscarriages, oh my!

All great stuff right? And then I really FELT my way into how attached I am to those stories now. I sat for a moment, took a deep breath, and remembered that I wouldn’t be who I am today if everything was smooth sailing. I wouldn’t be able to help people that are going through the darkest times in their lives and are looking for spiritual inspiration.

Something really magical happens to your signature soul pattern when you remember that your story built you, but it doesn’t define who you are as a spiritual being.

As soon as you make the decision to change your thoughts, your perspective and your patterns, then you literally have the power to change your life.

As a manifesting exercise, a really deep process is to list out all of the signature soul patterns (good and bad) that you can consciously acknowledge you emit as your vibration. Some insightful questions to prompt the process include:

  • Do you say the word ‘hate’ a lot? Are your verbal interactions with others drama-based and purposefully negative?
  • Do you feel grateful on a daily basis?
  • How do you choose to connect to the Divine within?
  • What activities make your heart sing? What brings you joy? Focus on that.
  • What has happened in the past that has created the beautiful, magnificent soulful being that you are today?

Then let it all go.

Consciously engineer your vibration and offer love, peace, compassion, joy, creativity, desire, gratitude and humility out there to the etheric wonder-scape of the Universe and watch what unfolds in your life as you move forward with grace. xo

Side note: You won’t always be perfect with the vibration you offer because you’re human. But try to make sure your predominant vibrational offerings from your energetic altar are done with conscious intention.

MANIFEST by Sarah Prout

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