There Are So Many Beautiful Reasons to Be Happy

Without doubt, the most common block in the manifesting process is the inability to tune into reasons to be grateful on a daily basis. But wouldn’t you love to know how to reframe a situation that disappoints you and rise above it with a sense of new and inspired energy?

Well you can…

It’s called being GRATEFUL.

It’s pretty simple actually and it’s a really powerful tool to have in your spiritual toolbox so that you don’t start to manifest disappointment and low energy as a repetitive pattern in your life. Trust me, that shit can snowball!

A few days ago I posted this quote on my Facebook page that many people started to react to in a really surprising and interesting way.

In response, I made this video to inspire people to tune into the transformational power of gratitude. In the video I walk you through a powerful exercise.

Here are the 5 things to be grateful for RIGHT NOW.

1. Breath

Being grateful for your breath is a wonderful way to access the beauty of the present moment and to raise your vibration.

2. Senses

Being grateful for your ability to see, touch, taste, smell, hear and feeling is so important. It’s a gift from the Universe to enjoy your journey of life.

3. Technology

Be grateful for the beautiful connection that technology offers us. You can discover new things and meet new people. Did you know that I met my husband on Twitter?

4. Compassion

Really imagine what it would be like to walk a mile in another’s shoes. How would it feel to see the world through their eyes? Open your heart and remember to be grateful for your innate gift of compassion.

5. Being of service

When you open your heart and make it your mission to inspire and help others then you get out of the negative patterns that are holding you back. This is a powerful process that activates the energy of appreciation with random acts of kindness.

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