Allowing Your Energy and Intuition to Guide The Way Forward

There’s been this feeling that I experience once in a while where I feel so incredibly grounded. It usually appears at the change of seasons, or when I recover from having a cold or a virus. It’s usually the breakthrough after the breakdown. I feel at home. I feel at peace. I trust that everything is perfect in the way that it is manifesting. This doesn’t mean that I know with certainty that everything is going to unfold without pain, or struggle, but these momentary feelings are a glimmer/glimpse of what I call “pure reality.”

*Photo credit: Kersti Niglas (Mindvalley).

“Pure Reality” is when you can be present in who you are and what you are doing in any given moment.

This is the gateway to your intuition.

Theses moments are filtered through being completely accepting of what is. It’s the space between right and wrong. It’s the magical vortex between what is known and unknown – the free-flowing experience between clarity and cloudiness.

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I had the recent realization that I’ve been operating through a filter of cloudiness this year that has been blocking my intuition. In all transparency, 2018 has been one of the biggest professional years of my life. I wrote a book, have been on more planes than I can count, created meditations, courses, built communities and so much more.

This has been accompanied by stress, doubt, fear, family issues, a long and arduous court case (which we won) with a crazy ex-landlord and allowing my energy to be sidetracked in various directions which don’t serve the overall higher vision for my life. 2018 has been a doozy.

But here’s the thing…

After I returned from Bali three weeks ago I began to feel the stark contrast of how my energy was responding to the demands around me and where I COULD be. I’ve been squabbling with my husband, we got scammed by a monk in Las Vegas, and I got a really bad head cold – which meant I had to postpone the launch of my new AMPLIFY program.

And now…

today in fact…

That feeling of “pure reality” returned for the first time in over 18 months. It really does remind me of when I was a kid and I would have this feeling. I’m so connected, grounded, surrendered and it feels blissful.

It has nothing to do with meditation or doing all the things that it requires to feel this way – it simply IS.

I remember many years ago I “received” a piece of guidance intuitively that I always remember when I am in this space:

“Spend your energy wisely”

You have the power to choose where to channel your energy, guide your focus and on how you respond. This is how you can fully engage and strengthen the power of your intuition. It’s magical, it’s transformative and it’s completely yours to experience if you allow things to simply BE.

Have you ever experienced this feeling after a cold or change of seasons? Or am I just nuts? Ha. Please don’t answer that.

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