Love with your whole heart, not just a tiny slice of it. Fill up your cup so it can flow over to others. There seems to be a chronic cycle of disconnection sweeping the globe – judgment, criticism, and fear.

When you judge, you seal yourself off from love. When you criticize or spout out negative rants of shoulds and expectations, you block the flow of love. It’s imperative that we open our hearts to love fully and show up with compassion. Choose LOVE over fear. 

For example, the next time you see a homeless person, instead of feeling sorry for them or turning a blind eye to their suffering, SEND THEM LOVE. See them as the beautiful human expression that they are. No different to yourself.

In the blink of an eye that could be you.

We are all in this together.

It’s important to remember that we are all ONE. We all came from the same space and we’ll return to the same space.

Regardless of skin color, sexuality, gender or dietary preference we are ALL THE SAME. Our hearts beat, breath fills our lungs, and we all want the same thing… to feel LOVED. Even under the hardest exterior of rejection and self-destruction is the desire to feel loved and to BE LOVE.

As a culture, many people spend a vast majority of their time trying to fill the void to replace love. This is love and approval from others or connection to the Divine. Divine Love. We stuff our faces with food, fill our minds with senseless information, scroll, scroll, scroll, drink, sleep too much and disrespect our bodies by not loving them enough because we don’t feel worthy.

It’s time to STOP and show love – to yourself and to others. It’s time to LOVE with your whole heart. And when you do, your light shines so brightly and you will help to ease the suffering in the world with your self-compassion and kindness.

One heart at a time, waking up and remembering that LOVE heals and it helps. xo

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