I recently watched a live Instagram video of a person sharing a #manifesting story. They were so excited about what had manifested and wanted to share it with their followers.

They were particularly inspired to share HOW they manifested their intention.

It was the HOW that really concerned me, because it was like instructing people to build a house on SAND.

  • Rejecting ALL negativity
  • Praying TO The Law of Attraction
  • Making OTHERS responsible for how they feel


I knew I needed to create a podcast that explained the 3 (very often overlooked) elements of manifestation:

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These three elements are often overlooked and forgotten in the process of manifesting. However, when you remember that you have the power to use these three magical elements, then your experience with how you create your own reality will transform radically.

1. Listening to your intuition

You must learn how to listen to your heart or your gut feelings. The more you cultivate your levels of discernment, the more they will show up and work for you when you need them the most. Your intuition is always guiding you and sending you information to take the path of inspired action.

2. Guiding your energy and your emotions

One of the most powerful shifts to make on your spiritual journey is to remember that YOU are responsible for how you feel. You must release others from unfair expectations or being responsible for your happiness. When you let go of the pattern of blaming others or trying to control others, then you can free up your energy to create your own reality from a space of authenticity and heart-based service.

3. Connecting to the flow of the Universe

Newsflash! It’s THE UNIVERSE that is ultimately responsible for delivering your desires into your reality. This usually happens in perfect timing, for the highest purpose and for the greatest good. When you show REVERENCE to this power (superconsciousness), God, The Force or The Source then you are tuning into the frequency of limitless possibilities. You can do this through prayer, through meditation, kindness of through the powerful practice of daily gratitude lists. By connecting to the flow of the Universe, you allow life to happen FOR you, rather than TO you.

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