A renowned hypnotherapist, Grace is the founder of www.gshypnosis.com, the world’s #1 hypnotherapy hub, as well as Grace Space Hypnotherapy School. Grace is a regular guest on CBS’s hit show, The Doctors, and her work has been featured in The Atlantic, Marie Claire, Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Buzzfeed, Bustle, InStyle and more.

Keep a look out for her first book on self-hypnosis, Close Your Eyes, Get Free, hitting the shelves of all major retailers on July 17, 2018.

To learn more about Grace, check out her #mindsetreset videos on Instagram @GraceSmithTV that will help you easily and effortlessly transition into a more restful state.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Where Grace’s journey began with hypnosis
  • Why she feels so passionate about “making hypnosis mainstream”
  • Why ANYONE can tap into the power of hypnosis
  • We talked about “hypnobirthing” and rising above fear
  • How STRESS can impact our fertility and wellness
  • We even did a 3 MINUTE HYPNOSIS SESSION you can try for yourself to see how powerful Grace’s work is.
  • plus so much more!

Pre-Order Book Bonuses:  

When you pre-order Grace’s new book, Close Your Eyes, Get Free, you’ll receive 3 gifts:

  • A free $50 coupon to spend on all digital hypnotherapy recordings at www.gshypnosis.com!
  • Digital access to Grace’s upcoming workshop,  “How To Train Your Subconscious” and,
  • An invitation to Grace’s book launch party in New York City on July 18th.

Visit www.gshypnosis.com/book to pre-order the book today and claim your goodies!


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