The Time It Takes to Manifest Your Dreams

Dear Universe, Hurry up! Why are you taking your sweet-ass time? I want my stuff already! Where the hell is it? I must manifest my intentions right now!

Sound familiar?

More than likely you have felt frustrated that your intentions are still yet to manifest into your current reality. I get it. It can be infuriating to see everyone else around you manifesting like crazy, and you’re left to choose the feeling of being left out – perhaps even forgotten.

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One of the questions I get asked the most from my Manifesting Academy students around the world is this:

How long will it take my intention to manifest?

Thousands of people have asked me the same question. It’s as if you’re baking and cake and you want to know how long it needs in the oven to be cooked to perfection. Or, alternatively it’s like being placed on hold when you call the bank and you’re not sure if you’re the next customer in line or not.

Here’s the thing…

Time is an illusion. You could do all of the traditional manifesting things to the letter, but one vital element is often overlooked.

And that is the concept of RESISTANCE.

Every time you obsess about the lack of something appearing into your life then it pushes it further back in the ethereal realm. Simply put, you block the manifestation when you get too heady about it.

I tell my students this: The time it takes to manifest something is exactly the time it takes The Universe to flow through you and learn all of the lessons you need to in order to get comfortable with uncertainty.

When we get impatient it slows the process.

When we are living in the present moment and okay with whatever shows up then you accelerate the magic.

One thing is for certain: the timing is always Divine and always perfect.

Early in 2018 I manifested an incredible literary agent and then I manifested an amazing book deal with one of the best publishers in the world. I’ve been wanting to manifest this kind of thing for about 10 years. Here’s the key…

Ten years ago I wouldn’t have been ready. Ten years ago I manifested a smaller book deal that was a stepping stone to the magnificent manifestations that appear today. It’s like being a teenager that believes they are responsible and mature – only going out into the world and wondering why they were in such a hurry. Everything, literally every thing happens in perfect Divine timing. When you trust in this process, this concept will make your heart rest a little easier.

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