How to Manifest The Love You Deserve

Whether you’re on the path to finding your soulmate or trying to rekindle the flame in your current relationship, it’s so important that you explore how to manifest the love you truly deserve. Why? Because we are all worthy of finding and experiencing true love with a Beloved.

However, the biggest problem can be that we sometimes lose ourselves and our sacred vision in the process. We make the search ALL about the other person and less on how we can prepare ourselves spiritually for the adventure to ignite the love flame.

You’ve probably encountered (and even maybe dated, possibly even married) the narcissists, the needy, the people with ‘mommy’ issues, the control freaks, the addicted, and the beautiful weirdos that encompass the vast spectrum of traits that are not quite in alignment with your desires and your ideal notion of ‘true love’.  Just remember that no one is, or will ever be perfect.

The true beauty is in the imperfection of the human spirit that rises above judgment.

After all, we come to earth to find healing and the Law of Attraction will always bring to you your mirror or your lesson to facilitate that healing. The reason? To help you to rise up to the present moment and live joyfully beyond the pain the of the past and the unfinished business.

Once you heal these themes and elements then lasting true love is bound to show up in your life…

Honor Your Feelings and Your Intuition

You must be prepared to shine a light on the deal-breakers and intuitive nudges that tell you whether or not you’re on the right path. You just know when something feels right or when something feels a little off.

Make sure you honor the tiny nudges of intuition that you are being given and guided to follow. Most of the time these inner knowings are lifesavers, but sometimes you might be questioning yourself for foolish reasons. Also be aware of self-sabotage that can mask itself as discernment. Pay close attention to the difference between the two.

True Love Affirmation: My soul knows when it is in alignment with my heart’s desires.

Rise Above Judgment

How much does your judgment of others prevent you from deeply connecting with people? For instance, the deal-breakers and limiting beliefs that we might have can prevent us from finding happiness with another human being. Your role is to be open to all possibilities and open your heart to love.

For instance, when I was single I said that I would NEVER date a younger man. I held the belief that “they” were too immature and would just be likely to hurt me. Seven years later I’m now happily married to a man that is 5 years younger than I am. I’m so glad I decided to shift my bullshit rules about that one and I’m sure our baby girls are too!

True Love Affirmation: My heart is open to finding true love and rising above all limiting beliefs.

Learn to Love Yourself

You will only ever manifest the love you believe you deserve and have wired yourself to attract. As Whitney Houston reminds us in her 1986 mega-hit:

“Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.”

Self love is a lifelong commitment that is always reflected back to you in a relationship. When you focus on self-acceptance and nurturing your body/mind/spirit complex (the best you can) on a daily basis, then you will be infinitely more attractive, more magnetic for love and Divine guidance will flow into your reality with ease and grace.

True Love Affirmation: I love myself enough to feel worthy.

Release All Expectations

Is it someone else’s responsibility to be in your life to make you happy? Nope. When you take responsibility for your own wellbeing and happiness then you have something truly magnificent to share with another human being. Focus on appreciation for everything that shows up in your life and make every day an opportunity to not make your happiness reliant on the actions of others. Take your power back!

True Love Affirmation: I am responsible for my own happiness.

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