Law of Attraction: 15 Beliefs to Help Attract What You Dream Of

The beliefs that we hold in our consciousness are literally sculpting and shaping our reality. This happens on a moment by moment basis. The things, places, people and experiences that show up for you are a reflection of the vibration that you are offering to the Universe.

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When you dive in deeply, and you consciously examine the beliefs that you have around certain Universal themes, then you have a miraculous opportunity to remove any blocks that might be standing in between your hindering patterns and achieving your dreams.

The things that you currently have in your life are because of the value you place on those things. As the saying goes, ‘energy flows where attention goes.’ More than likely if something isn’t working for you, then you haven't been giving it the positive love and energy that it requires in order to thrive.

Here are 15 Beliefs to Help Attract What You Dream Of. I have phrased them like affirmations for you to ponder and meditate on.

Note: If you don’t hold these beliefs (yet) or don’t think you ever can incorporate them into your life as truth, please be gentle on yourself. This isn’t an opportunity to push the self-destruct button and beat yourself up. It’s an invitation from your soul to heal and perhaps see if a new way of thinking and believing is a paradigm that will serve you. Even I don’t fully ‘get’ these beliefs yet which is really important for me to share. We are all a beautiful work in progress.

1. I am worthy

This is the most pivotal point in the process of manifesting your desires. You must start by being open to feeling worthy enough to experience your dreams and desires.

Why should you believe that you’re worthy? Because you are a beautiful human being that deserves to live a beautiful life. YOU ARE WORTHY. Say it, over and over again until it permeates every cell in your body. Live it, breathe it, BE IT.

2. I always honor my voice

If you don’t speak up and speak your truth then your soul begins to shrivel like an old piece of fruit. You start to make yourself small in order to make others feel more powerful and comfortable. Even I just recently discovered how much of a big load of bullshit not honoring your voice is. This is so important.

Why should you honor your voice? Because you have been blessed with a beautiful brain that has thoughts, feelings and desires that need to be expressed. Your voice is one of your soul’s vehicles to get the message out there. SPEAK UP. Choose your words wisely with kindness, consciousness and compassion… but for fuck’s sake speak your truth!

3. Anything is possible

Anything and everything is absolutely possible. You need to believe this one. Apparently there are an infinite amount of Universes and realities, realms and timelines. As I’m writing this post and you’re reading these words we MUST believe that anything is possible. Who knows what alternative versions of ourselves are vibrationally doing right now? It's so interesting to ponder.

Why should you believe that anything is possible? Because if you don’t then you stunt your vibration and cancel your cosmic orders from the Universe. It’s an anti-climactic energy fizzer.

You role is to BELIEVE.

4. Money is just energy

Money is just a flow of energy. You either contribute to the flow or you BLOCK the flow with the thoughts and feelings you offer when the subject of prosperity is presented to you. For instance, if you complain about how much something costs (bills, school fees etc) then you restrict your flow of abundance. If you LOVE your money and send positive vibes to the resources you do have (no matter how big or little) then you have an enormous and oh-so-sacred power to MULTIPLY it and attract more.

5. Miracles happen each and every day

The more you believe this the more miraculous stuff will show up. The mere fact that you are reading this post right now, your brain is functioning and you are breathing is a true miracle. There is a life-force animating your body, sparking your soul with curiosity and ambition. This is such a miracle. Most people could spend lifetimes not even pondering anything bigger than themselves. However, examining your beliefs and being open to healing is always a miraculous belief to hold.

6. Gratitude has power

If you spend a small amount of time each day cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ you will be blown away at how much that changes your beliefs around the things that show up in your life. Being grateful will transform your outlook. You don’t even have to fully believe in its power, you just have to try it.

7. Relationships can be harmonious

This is a big and painful and extremely confronting belief for a lot of people. We all come from different backgrounds where our parents or the people that raised us have modeled specific ways to give and receive love in the world. What if we examined the patterns we have unconsciously taken on board? What if we were open to letting them go and creating a brand new pattern for our children to learn from?

I come from a pretty long line of divorces. My great grandmother was married 3 times, my grandmother was divorced, my parents are divorced and I was married for 10 years before I married Sean. The cellular memory around relationships not working out can run deep.

So here it is: You are worthy of love, your relationships can be successful, blissful, harmonious and fulfilling. Soak it up baby.

8. My body is beautiful

Your body is beuaitufl because it helps you to stay alive day after day. It is the container for your soul. Believe that it serves a powerful function beyond just how it looks.

9. I am not broken

You might feel really screwed up sometimes, but you are not broken. This belief can be damaging for the duration of your entire life. It’s time to see yourself as either a work in progress or a deeply special and chosen soul that had been called to do an eff-load of impactful work in the world. If you feel broken start to believe that you are worthy of healing.

10. I believe beyond what I can see

Like I’ve already mentioned there is always so much more going on in this beautiful Universe than we can see. You job is to see beyond the physical stuff you are being presented with.

11. I trust the Universe always has my back

When you learn to trust that you are infinitely LOVED, cherished and protected then life becomes more powerful and super sweet. Say this affirmation over and over again to imprint your subconscious mind that ALL IS WELL, because it is.

12. I remember the phrase ‘this or something better’

Whatever shows up in your life has been sent to you on purpose. There are no mistakes. Just be open to the idea of ‘this or something better’ when you set your intentions. The Universe knows exactly what she’s dishing up to you.

13. My past is behind me

It simply just doesn’t exist any more.  The only way it can have a hold on you and hold you back is if you allow it to.

14. Abundance is my birthright

Many people tend to limit themselves as to HOW the abundance and prosperity will show up in their lives. They believe that putting in a certain amount of work hours will results in X amount of dollars. The secret is to be open to the possibility that money and other fabulous things (people and experiences) will show up in your life in beautiful and creative ways. Your role is to BELIEVE that the Universe will deliver your desires and make it a fun game in the process.

15. Everything happens in Divine timing

Just remember, everything happens in Divine timing. This will bring you a sense of peace that no time is wasted and everything is unfolding exactly as it is destined to.

All you need to do with these beliefs is try them on for size. If they’re not a fit, don’t push it, but try to be open to all possibilities because you are an ever-evolving soul that came here to learn, flourish and expand.

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