The Manifesto Of Courage

This is a MANIFESTO OF COURAGE that I wish someone had shared with me when I was younger.

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The key idea is this:

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? Stop waiting to be rescued and start to be your own lifeboat. ⁣

? Stop blaming others for how you feel and take responsibility for your own emotions.⁣

? Stop being proud and start asking for help if you need it. ⁣

? Stop thinking that life is hard and start looking for things to be grateful for (even if they are super tiny).⁣

? Stop running from pain and start embracing the parts of you that need some deep self-compassion and care.⁣

? Stop playing the victim and step into the empowerment of being a survivor who is strong and capable. ⁣

? Stop and examine all of your beliefs and if they serve you and the greater good of humanity. Start being open to infinite possibilities and asking more questions for the sake of clarity and specificity. ⁣

? Stop looking back on the past and start heading towards a beautiful future you create with your intentions. ⁣

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Sending love to those of you that needed to hear this today. If you feel inspired please share with a friend or loved ones. ? ⁣

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? PLEASE NOTE: It’s really important to note that this post is from my perspective based on my own life experience. Please try on these points and don’t see them as absolute “shoulds” or a one size fits all approach. ⁣

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