In every single moment that we live and breathe, we experience a flow of energy. That energy is either in a wonderful, flowing and positive space -allowing you to feel peaceful, happy and harmonious OR it’s blocked in certain areas that leaves you feeling a bit like your head is wrapped in a wet blanket.

In less severe cases and more commonly, there is this grey area where you completely forget that you are responsible for managing your own energy and how it flows. Most people live their lives like this…on autopilot, believing that life is just “happening” to them and they’re playing out the motions.

Every choice, decision and action we take has the energy of intention behind it and also has an energetic outcome. This is called “cause and effect”. It might sound so simple, but many people are blissfully unaware of how much power they possess to create deep and profound change for themselves.

One of the fastest ways to start manifesting abundance into your life is to try a process called “decluttering”. This means getting rid of everything in your life that no longer serves you.

You simply clear the energy and create space for the new.

Here are 4 of the most potent ways that you can start to energetically spring clean your life in different areas…

1. Declutter Your Environment

This is one of the easiest things to do in order to get the energy flowing in your life. Something magical occurs when you make sure that all of the things in your home have their own designated space. Your home or office should be a sanctuary for your soul. It should be a harmonious space that invites you to think clearly, instead of feeling overwhelmed by clutter.

Start by sorting out your storage spaces such as cupboards and closets and either donate, repurpose or give away the things you no longer use and need.

2. Declutter Your Relationships

The relationships you choose to have in your life have the ability to lift you up or tear you down. Decluttering the relationships you have in your life is a beautiful opportunity to practice self care and compassion. Try and surround yourself with positive people that you enjoy being around instead of the toxic energy of others that like to poo on your parade.

3. Declutter Your Money

Take time to declutter your wallet or purse by getting rid of old receipts and trash. You might also want to line up your money so that it’s ordered. When you show your money love and allow it to sit in a decluttered space that is clear then you open the channels for prosperity to flow into your reality.

4. Declutter Your Health

Your body is your temple and this is why it’s so important to declutter your habits to allow space for vibrant health.

Try cleaning out your fridge and pantry and getting rid of the items that will only add toxins to your body. Set yourself up for success by removing the things that you crave such as sugary treats and salty snacks. Another great way to declutter your health is to increase your intake of water.

All of these tips boil down to one vital element. And that is, that when you clear space in your life from the vantage point of raising your vibration, then abundance will naturally flow into your reality.

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  1. Just thanking you for Great article, came to me from friend as sitting here over welmed with so much stuff in small area, READY TO JUST THROW EVERYTHING OUT MAIL INCLUDED …. Just to much to try and clean going thru depressing time CANT PUT UP WITH MESS THSNKS ….

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