“Money is energy? But hang on a moment Sarah, isn’t money the root of all evil? Isn’t money loaded with the energy of greed, deception, and dishonesty?”

Haha. Money is ENERGY. In fact, everything is energy. There is nothing in this entire Universe that is not oscillating at a specific vibration or frequency. You name it, it vibrates. This includes money. The coins, the clams, the moolah is just a way for us to exchange levels of consciousness for service. It actually fuels the expansion of humanity. So why the heck does our perception of money vary so much and seem to cause so much pain?

The simple answer is because of limiting beliefs and the way we were raised. Many of us, sadly, have tied up the notion of abundance with happiness. To give you an example, there are many cultures, tribes, and communities around the world that live in terrible poverty and yet they experience amazing levels of presence and happiness. Poverty requires you to take one day, one hour and sometimes even one moment at a time.

The clues of how to rise above extreme adversity are to observe the survivors – the beautiful people that wake up and face the day and do what it takes to keep going.


You must get present with the NOW. Fear of the future or not having enough can trigger the stress hormone in your bloodstream, so you create a perpetual struggle and inhibiting emotional responses. It becomes a cycle where you get trapped until you make the conscious choice to find a better way. What if you were simply grateful for what you have NOW? What if that was the easiest, most effortless and natural way to move forward into your future?

You might get stuck in old limiting beliefs that trick you into thinking that abundance and prosperity will NEVER head in your direction.  Remembering the illusionary nature of our thought forms can be so helpful to rise above limitations and choose again – choose gratitude and choose presence. Once we remember to anchor our intentions from a heart-based space then magic will be revealed.

In a multitude of crazy ways, I’ve seen people BLAME the money for not having any. I’ve seen people get angry at money for not having any. There are so many people that project the wrong energy onto money that it stops the possibility of it flowing freely into their reality.

Remember, you invite whatever shows up. 

This, however, might be easier said than done to make the arduous trip from your head to your heart. The good news is that there are things you can do right now to invite the transformation…

Switch your thoughts of lack and scarcity to ABUNDANCE and prosperity. Every time you feel the thought trigger an emotional response…choose again. It’s like a muscle – the more you work on building and strengthening it, the more it will become stronger.

If you send something LOVE then love returns.
If you send something crappy thoughts then that energy will rise up and bite you in the bum.

If you love your money your money will love you back. If you focus on how you want to feel about money rather than fixating on what you don’t have then more abundance and prosperity will flow into your reality.

But you have to be brave enough to make the journey from your head into your heart space. You have to be willing to let go of what you think you know and step into a new paradigm. You’re so worth it. And if you don’t then you are impacting the quality of lifestyle that your grandchildren, and their children and their children’s children will be having. Your willingness to examine and shine the light on the shit that holds you back will directly impact your loved ones.

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