From the time you set the intention to manifest more money into your reality, to the time it ACTUALLY MANIFESTS depends on the amount of resistance you have placed around the concept of it materializing into your current reality. Your beliefs determine the speed of the outcome AND you’re also working with the Universe to remember the process of Divine Timing.

Manifesting money is so much more than wishing for a certain amount and then expecting it to show up when you need it. There’s a vibrational alchemy that needs to take place, and when the right balance is achieved the desire can be released from the etheric realm with ease and grace.

When you consciously hop on the money manifesting train to take a ride from where you are now, to the merry land of fat purse-ville, it’s imperative that you hold it in your heart to attract the money from a space of integrity and to remove the frantic energy of urgency.

Urgency will block your flow of abundance.

Your impatience will keep the money away from you. Your lack of trust will also keep the money away from you. And your deep rooted negative beliefs around prosperity are also a major cause of vibrational shrinkage when it comes to working with the Law of Attraction.

Here’s how you reframe your beliefs around the time it takes to manifest money…

As money is just energy, it’s important to remember that your consciousness around the theme of abundance is also something that is constantly growing and expanding. With this growth means that it often gets tested. However, when you bring awareness to the process of ever-expanding growth you begin to realize that drawing abundance into your reality becomes a really fun game, where time becomes irrelevant. You remember that the “testing phase” of your conscious awareness around money is actually a really important aspect to the manifesting process. When you learn to see through the trials, issues, and perceived roadblocks, then a tremendous amount of resistance that stalls the time is actually released.


– Forget the “Get Rich Quick” schemes (scams) that promise you’ll earn back your investment within a certain period of time.
– Forget entering the lottery, because honestly, you’ve got more odds in your favor of getting hit by a bus.
– Forget getting back money that you believe is OWED to you, let go and move on.

Seek abundance from a place of conscious awareness and remember that your beliefs are the time keeper AND the gatekeeper that either allows your desires to flow into your reality or halts them.

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