A bone of contention in many relationships can be where two people believe in different things and fight to be right. Not only does it create tension, but it can also create a gap which might seem impossible to bridge that creates significant emotional distress for both parties.

Whether it’s beliefs about spirituality, politics (a hot topic right now), parenting or money, the challenge presented is one that cannot remain disguised as the silent pink elephant in the room. You need to shine a light on it and release the energetic pressure that can prevent you from living life in each present moment in true abundant flow and grace.

When we hold tightly to the righteousness of being correct, we actually invite our consciousness to operate from a paradigm of fear, separation and restriction. To release the stronghold, you must cultivate a level of awareness and compassion and love for the person that holds the different set of beliefs.

Differences are okay and extremely valuable.

The good news is that these people with differing opinions have been placed in your life for a reason as powerful teachers. It could be to strengthen and reinforce your own beliefs, or they could act as meaningful reminders of the beautiful diversity of life.

Remember, we don’t all have to agree.

Sadly, it can also be a wake-up call that it’s time to move on from the relationship, because we all know that healthy relationships are awesome mutual support systems. When they’re not, they literally pinch themselves off, turn energetically gangrenous and fall off. It’s a Universal law as powerful as gravity.

When I was 17, I had a boyfriend who was an atheist. I used to cry myself to sleep some nights because I wanted him to believe in a higher power and the magic of the Universe. He believed that death is the very end of life; lights out, show’s over. I held onto the wrongness of his perspective and it ultimately lead to our relationship ending.

I get emails from my students all the time in very similar situations that desperately want their spouse, friends, family or significant other to join them on their spiritual journeys and play along in the realm of manifesting. It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to be on the same page. People grow and evolve at difference paces.

One thing is Universal, beyond the mind-based concepts that create the illusion of separation, and that is LOVE.

Choose to be in love, rather than choosing to be right. 

Also, check in to see the reasons you would like the views of your loved one to change.

  • Is it a need to control?
  • Is it a need to share your life at a deeper and more intimate level?
  • Do you truly need to be understood?
  • Are you really with the right person? 
  • Is it just that you need to surround yourself with more like-minded people to fill that need in your life?

In relationships, we make the choice to show up and grow together regardless of our beliefs or we choose to allow life to drift us apart. Again, it’s the Law of Attraction in action making sure that like attracts like. The Universe always has a purpose, a time, a function and a meaning for whatever you’re going through in life. Your role is to shine that light on it and lead with LOVE no matter what.

If you would love to surround yourself with more like-minded kindred spirits then check out my Law of Attraction community (over 19,000 members) on Facebook for my students of the Ancient Manifesting Ritual. It’s FREE with every purchase and is an invaluable resource for making sure you’re getting the support you need. Just remember, you’re not alone. xo

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