The art of manifesting your desires involves you placing your request with the Universe with sharp specificity. But what if you are unable to see your desires clearly in your mind’s eye? What if you have terrible trouble imagining what your dream life will look (and feel) like because your mind seems to be cluttered with doubts, fear and scepticism? You’re not alone. Everyone I know goes through this from time to time.

If this does sound like you, then more than likely small things are easy for you to manifest. You know, tiny things like manifesting pennies, car parking spaces and perhaps even a cup of coffee.

But here’s the thing…

You feel stuck. You feel like your energy is at a standstill and you need to SHAKE THINGS UP a little in order to clear the vibrational blockage.

Today I want to talk about some of the “troubleshooting” tips you can use (starting right now) that will help to clear your energy field and sharpen your intuitive skills to enhance the process of creative visualization. This will help tremendously with increasing the frequency that you’re currently manifesting from and help you to get out of your own way.

6 Creative Visualization Tips to Help You Manifest With More Clarity…

1. Try visualization after meditation or before sleep

In order to place your request to the Universe you need to get your brain into the prime state (known as the Alpha frequency). This means the rate at which your brainwaves are functioning are oscillating at a slower cycle per second. Most of the time we’re in BETA (a faster state), but when we relax, are in a sleepy state, or have just meditated, our minds are RIPE for imprinting. This is the best time to DREAM BIG for yourself.

Slow it down, breathe and surrender then draw into your mind’s eye the people, places, things and experiences that you would love to manifest. This signals the Universe that you’re open to receiving. You’ll also notice how much clearer your imagination is when you’re in this state.

Creative visualization tip: MEDITATE, SURRENDER and JUST RELAX.

2. Shift the energy within your body

Our bodies are one of the fastest ways we can shift our energy and get out of our own way to see things a little clearer. Sadly, many of us tend to numb ourselves with too much coffee, booze, sugary foods, heavy meals and lack of exercise as a weird way to reward ourselves for just getting through each and every so-called “stressful” day. These patterns are one of the biggest blocks in the entire manifesting process because you are habituating your vibration and not offering something new for the Universe to respond to.

Creative visualization tip: try a detox, drink more water, get out into nature, breathe more deeply and dance up a storm. Shake it up within your physical form and watch what appears from the spiritual plane.

3. Declutter your environment

The space that we live in or work in is often a reflection of our inner state and the vibration we are offering to the Universe. When you declutter your space, you actually ‘clear out the old’ and ‘make way for the new’ to manifest. This is part of something called The Law of Vacuum which I discuss in my course called MANIFEST. Essentially, it means that when you clear up the space in your environment, relationships, or life in general, then it opens up a space that metaphysically must be filled with something new.

Creative visualization tip: see and create space for your new things to manifest. For example, if you’re clearing out your closet start to FEEL how new and possibly more expensive clothes would look on some fresh new velvet hangers.

4. Actively imprint your subconscious mind

Here is a magical formula I want you to remember:

When you get yourself into a state of ALPHA (like in meditation) and you immerse yourself in a ritual of repetition for a consecutive amount of days, the Universe will actually hear your request, your vibration will shift, and you will start to see evidence of your desire starting to manifest in oh-so-subtle and beautiful ways within a matter of weeks (if not days). Do I have your attention? If so, you MUST try my Ancient Manifesting Ritual that has been used by over 10,000 of my students around the world. I believe, that this is one of the FASTEST ways to imprint the energetic field of potential (The Universe) and actually manifest with more clarity.

Creative visualization tip: the power of manifesting rituals is one of the fastest ways to gain more clarity on your journey.

5. Create your vision board to be a work of art

Vision boards gained huge popularity after being mentioned in the hit movie ‘The Secret’ back in 2006.

Over the years I have had tremendous success using this very powerful technique to bring your desires to life. It’s really fun and can be really effective. Every so often I love to set new intentions by making a new vision board. I recommend you do this at least twice per year.

I become part of the creative process of manifesting by flipping through magazines and cutting out images that spark inspiration in my heart. I turn on some happy music, pour myself a glass of wine and really allow myself creative space to dream big. The idea is that you create something that you can be really proud of and hang it in a prominent place within your home where you will see it as often as possible.

Creative visualization tip: SEEING a visual representation of the essence of your desires will help you to trust in the Universe.

6. Sacred trinkets and reminders

The process of association to REMIND you that you are working with the almighty power of the Universe is really helpful. By surrounding yourself with things that will act as “manifesting momento” is a great way to activate your energy and the energy of the Universe. A few ideas include collecting crystals, special jewelery, or even creating ‘Abundance Hearts’ using a process that my students seem to love. Whatever it is, make sure that it sparks JOY in your soul and makes you feel open to the wondrous world of unlimited possibilities.

Creative visualization tip: Surround yourself with inspiring reminders.

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