Why is it that some people tend to manifest awesome stuff so effortlessly, while a majority of people struggle to attract a cup of coffee or a random amount of money?

The answer is multilayered and complicated, but a glittering truth must be told.

Everything in your life is a manifestation.

The next breath you take. The fact you can read these words on a screen right now. Even the miracle of you waking up today…these are all powerful manifestations of life flowing through you.

With the thousands upon thousands of people that I’ve worked with over the years, I hear the same statement before they really start to understand and play with this fun energy.

“I’m not good at manifesting. I’ve never manifested anything. I can’t manifest my desires.”

Here’s the truth…


The difference between a powerful manifestor and a not-so-powerful manifestor is the conscious awareness of showing appreciation for whatever shows up.

Yes, set intentions to manifest a million dollars.

Yes, set intentions to meet the soul mate of your dreams.

Yes, visualize what it will be like to live a life of creative freedom.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY remember that you are a beautiful manifestation of life and in each moment you have the power to guide your consciousness to design your own reality. And it starts with being present with NOW.

The fastest way that manifestation will start to work through you into your current situation is by BEING GRATEFUL.

Deep appreciation is the lifeblood of transformation. Otherwise you start to set your vibration to rejection, feeling disgruntled or negative. Your vibration ATTRACTS your outcome.

+Note: You don’t always have to be happy-happy joy-joy. The beauty of life is learning how to navigate the contrasting energy and not making it wrong. Be gentle on yourself!

The difference between a powerful manifestor and a not-so-powerful manifestor is in their ability to SPEND THEIR ENERGY WISELY and focus on consistent and ever-improving conscious expansion. We are limitless beings!

Life is supposed to be fun. Life is supposed to lead with love. Life is magical if you remember the power you have to FEEL WORTH enough to manifest anything your heart desires. So be it, so it is.

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