Spiritual Snobbery. Why Do We Push Away The Negative Feelings Of Others?

The answer? Because people can't see the beautiful opportunity to choose LOVE over fear.

When you first begin your journey into spirituality or learning how to manifest, you are buzzing with excitement. You’re looking at the world with a clean pair of eyes and you know that positivity is your best friend and anyone not on the “spiritual path” or that expresses negativity is a lower vibration and needs to be kept separate from you. You just can't risk energetic contamination can you? This is bullshit.

You know what that’s called? JUDGMENT. I have to be upfront with this one because I’ve seen it over and over again where people actively complain about other people being negative, but don’t see that the act of commenting or acknowledging is tuning into the frequency of the same thing they believe they are standing against.

“Could you stop being so negative please? You’re affecting my energy and I don’t need that in my life right now.”

The truth is that fear attracts fear, which is why it’s so important to approach the energy of others with love and understanding. Not everyone is going to be on the same page as you and that's totally fine. They are living out their own sacred contract with the Universe.

If a person is negative, send them love. Or at best offer them compassion. Witnessing an expression of negativity is a stellar opportunity to sharpen your levels of discernment and your psychic abilities. It’s actually diving into the trenches of deep spiritual work and not making someone wrong for FEELING.

There is a huge difference between allowing the negativity of others to affect you, as opposed to believing you are strong enough to rise above it and perhaps learn something from it. It’s not about engaging in the ‘woe is me’ stuff, it’s giving the person permission for it to pass through them (as quickly as possible) and not consume their life.

You become a light-worker, illuminating the consciousness of the planet by holding space for transformation to take place without condemnation.

It’s a call from your soul to test you and strengthen your spirit. People that are currently experiencing adversity or “rock bottom” are riding out a very important part of their own spiritual journey and it’s not to be feared. It's got nothing to do with you actually. If you fear it, you will attract the same. If you push it away by believing it will affect you, you will attract the same. If you lack compassion, the next time you need an empathetic ear, you will attract the same.

We chose to live in the world, in this life experience, where it’s not always going to be rainbows, unicorns and sugar-plum fairies. Sometimes people die, people get sick, money runs out, failure is your perceived identity and everything seems super fucked up. One thing is for certain though, and I really want you to listen to this one…

It is healthy, natural and normal to become a hot mess sometimes. When you see it in others don’t approach it with fear or separatism. The reason it’s showing up in your reality is an opportunity to grow.

Yes, by all means draw healthy boundaries and don’t get sucked into the drama of someone else’s experience. This can be really tough if you’re an empath – I totally understand. However, as an empath your mission is to strengthen your super powers and rise above it.

Own your energy. Own your power. Choose love over fear and offer compassion. God knows, with all of the violent, intolerant and barbaric events unfolding in the world right now the planet needs less judgment and more LOVE AND SWEET, SOULFUL COMPASSION.

Open your heart. Your soul will thank you for it.