What is Your Why? Declaring to the Universe Your Vision, Mission and Purpose

Have you ever felt lost?

It’s a silly question really because you’re a human being. Therefore, more than likely you’ve felt lost more than once or twice in your life and the good news is that it’s perfectly normal.

The reason for this is that finding your way in life is part of the beautiful process of creation. The train veers off the tracks and for a while it’s a bit of a bumpy journey. And when you’re back on the tracks, back on the wagon or back in the saddle (so to speak) you begin to find yourself with a refreshed perspective and newly inspired vantage point to work with.

The times when you feel lost contain the powerful energy of potential.

Just like when the tide goes out before a tsunami, the energy that builds when you are on the path to finding your way is a method for building the momentum of vibrational amplification. 

To simplify this, let’s just say that if you are lost or struggling to find your purpose, then it’s a sacred invitation from the Universe for you to rise up and seek something to do.

More often than not, your purpose will find you.

It will land on your doorstep, create a thumping noise in your heart and set a fire under your bum that makes you take inspired action. Only when you’re truly ready will the opportunities show up and the passion is ignited within your soul. You can't force it, but you can set the intention for it to be drawn to you.

But here’s the thing to remember…

Visionaries, entrepreneurs, luminaries, teachers, experts, and practitioners of ANYTHING that you can name under the sun have times when they lose sight of their WHY. They forget the reason they do something. They forget the beauty of what drew them to the work they do in the first place.

It sometimes happens in relationships too, when you forget and lose sight of the reason WHY you fell in love with your lover in the first place.

Can you relate?

Your Spiritual Journey Is All About Remembering & Forgetting

This was a concept taught to me by a very dear soul sister. “D” was the one that told me that it’s perfectly fine to forget sometimes as long as you remember that it’s all a perfect part of a bigger picture and part of the process.

Part of “finding your why” is also “remembering your why” and also “reinventing your why”. There are NO RULES! You can construct your purpose in whatever way, shape and form you desire.

This is YOUR life! And there will be times when you forget your why too, and that's ok.

My Mission & Purpose

As a manifesting teacher, I reach millions of people around the world.

I adore my students and I especially LOVE when they see radical changes begin to manifest into their lives. I feel so much gratitude for the gazillion lovely comments, success stories and messages that are sent on a daily basis. THIS lights up my soul.

However, there's another layer of appreciation…

When I get messages from people that have left abusive relationships and transformed their lives THIS IS EVIDENCE OF MY WHY.

My obsession with learning all about manifestation all the way back in the early 2000's is ultimately what lead to setting myself free from a 10-year marriage of domestic abuse and violence. My life is radically different today because of walking the talk I now teach and living my WHY.

My mission and purpose is to empower people to create their own reality with their thoughts, inspired actions, and feelings.

The keyword here is EMPOWER. To remind people of their own innate power to create anything they desire.

I heard someone say recently that SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES and I really like that.

So my number #1 piece of advice if you’re looking to find your why and activate your mission and purpose is to look at others that inspire you. Model their behavior. Find your own unique twist on what they do and try it out for yourself.

One of the key pieces of living a purpose-filled life is to study. Read books, invest in courses, practice something daily that will help to empower your vision. Also get out of your comfort zone.

And then…

Declare To The Universe Your Mission, Vision, & Purpose 

Write it down. Set powerful intentions. Sit with your crystals, a journal, some essential oils and a warm cup of tea and WRITE IT DOWN.

Even if you don't have the slightest clue what your purpose is right now, JUST ALLOW the space for a message to come through to you. Let the Universe know you are serious about creating change in your world, and the lives of others.

Remember that being of service to others is where the real magic of manifestation is unlocked and unleashed. When you take real-life experience and you weave it into something helpful that assists in the transformation of others, it AMPLIFIES the level of impact.

Ask the Universe: “How can I show up and serve others? Show me a way.”  This is a very powerful way to spark the energy of intention.

I am reminded DAILY that nothing will ever be perfect – that there is no destination and that it’s ALL about the journey.

You will remember, you will forget, but as long as you have AWARENESS of being present with the process then everything will unfold as it is meant to with some exciting and inspirational surprises along the way.

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Do you know your purpose in life? What's your “why”? Share in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!