The Queen Archetype and The Magick of Manifesting With Joanna DeVoe

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Vibrant, high-energy and uplifting… these are 3 words to describe my guest in this episode today.

Joanna DeVoe is the kooky creatrix behind all things Kickass Witch, the author of two eBooks, ‘The Spiritually Mature Witch : 5 Keys To Unlocking Your Personal Power' and ‘The Rich Witch : 7 Portals Of Prosperity'. She also hosts the weekly podcast, ‘Hippie Witch : Magick For A New Age', which is the place where Magick with a K meets the Law of Attraction. In this episode, we go deep into the essence of manifesting and teeter around the borders of ‘woo-woo’ to laugh at the true beauty of the big mystery of life.

In this episode we discuss:

[3:21] How Joanna sparked an interest in The Law of Attraction as a form of magick.
[7:20] How we manifest fear of our own power.
[7:31] Rising above the stigma of witchcraft
[19:38] Joanna's daily rituals as a “busy witch” – “Witching on the Go” and her magick mudra.
[23:45] The beauty of keeping altars as sacred reminders.
[25:04] The wisdom of dreams.
[32:40] How to get confirmation from the Universe that you're on the right track.
[33:24] The Goddess Athena and her wisdom.
[47:32] The depth and spiritual satisfaction of shadow work.

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