Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. I believe that you’re actually here for a reason…

So whether you’re new to the law of attraction or you’re well-seasoned in the art of manifestation, this guide will help to inspire you on your journey and kick-start your vibration.

It can be really frustrating when you want to attract something specific and nothing seems to change. If you try just one of the following seven suggestions, then you will create powerful energetic momentum.

1. Set Powerful Intentions

The magic of the Universe always begins to respond to your requests the very instant that you spark clarity about what you want to attract and why you want to attract it. The key point is to set aside time to list out all of the things you want to feel, experience, and manifest. The more specific and detailed you can be with this process the better. You want to focus on how you feel and what you want to embody. Remember to allow yourself to dream as big as you can. The very moment you set an intention, the Universe begins to arrange the energy to create changes in your life. You just have to align your energy to allow it.

2. Declutter Your Space

This is one of the easiest things to do in order to get the energy flowing in your life. Something magical occurs when you make sure that all of the things in your home have their own designated space. Your home or office should be a sanctuary for your soul. It should be a harmonious space that invites you to think clearly, instead of feeling overwhelmed by clutter.

Start by sorting out your storage spaces such as cupboards and closets and either donate, repurpose or give away the things you no longer use and need. This process activates something known as The Law of Vaccum which is a universal law just like the Law of Attraction. It simply operates by clearing out the old and making space for the new. Try it for yourself and see how simple and effective it can be to support you on your manifestation journey.

3. Find Inspiration

To be successful on your manifestation journey you need to build energetic momentum. The best way to do this is through immersing yourself in things that you find inspiring. For instance, you could subscribe to a whole bunch of podcasts you know will inspire you. You could watch documentaries, or read biographies from people that have achieved extraordinary things. The key thing to remember is to find what YOU deem as inspiring. When you immerse yourself in this energy then the momentum will build to raise your vibration.

Extra Inspiration: The MANIFEST Podcast with Sarah Prout.

4. Create A Vision Board

Creating a vision board can be a thrilling activity for a person that loves to get messy with magazines, glue, scissors, and big dreams. I love to create vision boards periodically because it always inspired the manifestation process. I’ve made enough boards now to know that when a certain amount of time passes that many of the things/people/places/experiences on the board have manifested. This is definitely a fun and creative process.

Extra Inspiration: How To Make A Vision Board That Actually Works

5. Disrupt Your Patterns

When we offer something different to the field of infinite potential (the Universe) then we will receive a difference response or manifestation. Ask yourself how you can break your habitual habits and routines to mix up the energy. Pattern disruption is extremely helpful when it comes to getting out of our own way and allowing manifestations to materialize into our reality.

6. Watch Your Words

Every word you speak has the power to create your reality. This is because your communication holds powerful creative energy. So the next time you are complaining about something, stop and pause to witness your point of choice. You’re human, obviously, so it’s not always going to be perfect. However, when you become aware of your patterns of expression then you have the power of change them. This, in turn, amplifies your manifestation energy.

7. Connect To The Universe

The Universe/God/Source energy is the power source to all creative manifestation. When you take time and make time to connect with the cosmic forces – from a space of deep reverence – then you will be amazed at how much more inspired you feel. The Universe is always speaking to us through signs and symbols, but how much do we intentionally create time time to connect? This is the missing key when it comes to activating the Law of Attraction. Connect to the Universe and watch the magic unfold. If you’re not sure where to begin, then check out my bestselling book called DEAR UNIVERSE.

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