I just moved into my new place in Windermere, Florida and my kitchen has turned into somewhat of an apothecary. I have two entire cupboards with vitamins, Chinese herbs, tonics, shamanic powders and specialty teas. As a writer, I am always drinking tea. There’s one tea in particular I’d like to speak about today because it’s helping me more than any other product I’ve tried to reduce stomach bloating.

And I’ve tried everything from gut healing elixirs to changing my diet several hundred thousand times. The best bloat-busting thing I’ve tried so far is dandelion root tea.

The dandelion flower has been celebrated as part of herbal medicine for thousands of years. This doesn’t mean you should go and rinse off some dandelions you find in your local neighborhood that are likely to be covered in doggy pee and chemicals.

Start with tea and see how you feel.

Here are the benefits if you’re interested in trying it. Please keep in mind I am not a doctor or a medical adviser in any way. I’m just sharing what I’ve experienced and learned about this plant-based magic in the last few weeks.

1. It boosts your immune system

There have been several studies that show dandelion tea helps to fight against viral infections.

2. It reduces inflammation

With powerful antioxidant properties, it can reduce swelling and pain in your body. I think this is where I’ve noticed the biggest difference personally because my pants are a bit looser and the bloating in my belly is radically reduced. Remember that when you eat a whole bunch of processed food, your body reacts with an inflammatory response. This is why it’s important to counteract the junk with mindfulness of what you’re putting into your body. Your body is your temple.

3. It cuts cravings and regulates blood sugar

Although there is no caffeine in a cup of dandelion root tea, it can be a fabulous coffee replacement if you’re wanting to switch your jitters for crystal clarity.

4. It’s good for avoiding migraines

I have been getting migraines for the last two years. Please keep in mind there are many different reasons why people get migraines – whether they are stress related, hormonally triggered or health related. Mine (I believe) are a combination of all three and I started looking into natural replacements for drugs such as sumatriptan that feel toxic to me. Note: no judgement on the topic of meds here, it’s just not for me. So I discovered two possible supportive plants. Feverfew tablets and dandelion tea. If pain is caused by inflammation then I want all the natural things that will help reduce the inflammation (good food, quality plant-based supplements). Anyway, the result for me is 20 days migraine free – which is a new personal record.

5. Mental clarity

This is another personal observation that if I drink three cups of dandelion tea I am better able to concentrate. There is a peacefulness that accompanies creating a ceremony of drinking tea with mindfulness.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that everything that we put in our body creates an outcome. My personal opinion is that the more natural you can be with the things you choose to consume, the better you will feel. It will also help to amplify your intuition and support your manifestation faculties and attract vibrant health.

Here’s a link to my favorite dandelion root tea.

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