Let’s take a tiny hypothetical manifesting adventure together right now as you read this. Pretend for a moment that this is you…

You need money. The bills are piling up and you need to attract some cash, tout suite. Actually, you’ve set the intention to manifest abundance. You’ve put your request “out there” to the Universe. You’ve asked for a sign. Perhaps it’s the sign you have especially attached meaning to (butterflies, rainbows, finding coins, the number 1111).

And then it happens…

You find a penny in the parking lot and know that it’s a sign from the Universe that your money is on its way.

Hold this moment in your mind. What do you do next? Do you…

A: Feel a sense of comfort, yet will still struggle with the fear and doubt that your money will show up one day?


B: Feel grateful that you found a penny and take this as a reminder of abundance starting to flow into your reality. You are aware that one moment flows into the next and you get to choose to be present.

Here’s the kicker. I want you to really listen to this one.

The Universe sends you these tiny reminders to invite you to activate your vibration + BE GRATEFUL no matter what shows up. 

By choosing to be grateful, even when you are faced with adversity and lack means that you are living a life of limitless abundance. It’s ALL in the ability to strengthen your mindset.

Too often spiritual people will attach meaning to the meaningless. They see signs of alignment just to witness them, but do not see them as a powerful reminder to stay present, be grateful and show reverence to the Divine within. It’s a practice – a deep spiritual practice to be able to navigate the scary waters of fear, doubt, and uncertainty with a sense of daring adventure. BE GRATEFUL RIGHT NOW FOR WHAT YOU DO HAVE.

The signs from the Universe are an invitation to remember the power you have to create each moment. You show up with the meaning, the direction, and the intention. You’re a skilled improvisation actor and The Universe just delivers the props and sets the stage for you to step into your power.

Next time you see your sign of alignment make sure you stop and ask yourself how you can show up in that moment with presence, gratitude, and reverence. I promise this will change the results you begin to see on your journey to manifesting. xo

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